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Nov 29, 2009


by Diagoh Murad
Email: diagoh@yahoo.com

The Global world is moving toward the future day by day and every living thing on this world knows their rights & they are free to choose what is best for them. The economical changes of different countries, the rising of global warming, American pressure towards the Central Asian region, But still with all these problems of today’s world there are some nation who are still living in the past. Their social condition is not satisfactory, they lack behind today’s world in the fields of Education, Medical Facilities & many more basic needs which are used in the daily life of a human being. One such nation is the Baloch Nation who for most of their struggling life has been in the dark ages of mankind.

Baloch nation even though are owner of such a great land like Balochistan which comprises with many mineral resources likewise Gas, Copper, Gold, Coal, Silver, Oil, Uranium, and above all biggest coastal belt, But still is a backward nation. According to the World Bank ‘Balochistan Economic Report 2009’

Balochistan is the largest province in Pakistan with 44 percent of the country’s land area but only 5 percent of the population. The province is comparatively backward and economic development is needed to deal with significant structural problems, both political and socio-economic”

“The ‘Balochistan Economic Report 2009’, which took into account statistics from 1972-73 to 2005-06, said the province’s economy expanded by 2.7 times in Balochistan, 3.6 times in the NWFP and Sindh and four times in Punjab. Overall, the size of the ‘economic pie’ rose 110 percent in the rest of the country, except Balochistan.”

“Balochistan ranked lowest on the ‘horizontal axis’ in 1981-82 as it was the poorest province. It also ranks lowest on the ‘vertical axis’ because of a weak growth performance.”

Now the above paragraph may have shed some light over what is depriving the Baloch nation to their demanding freedom for themselves and why they are struggling with the means for their independence. For the past 62 years Baloch nation faced genocide after genocide, the increasing of poverty in their life and worst than all the developing projects which brought disasters whenever they were implemented on Baloch Nation. The new development era for Baloch nation begin in the year when General Parvez Musharraf was President of Pakistan.

In his presidency not only Baloch descended from the poverty line but also suffered mass migration, Thousands of Baloch people were displaced from their ancestral land in fear of operation conducted by the orders of General Parvez Musharaf. Many innocent Baloch youth were abducted and were tortured to death as they were called “miscreants” by the Pakistani army, Law was handed over in the hands of Pakistani Spy Agencies ISI, MI as they were given free hand in Balochistan.

On one occasion General Parvez Musharraf in his speech pointed fingers on three Sardars as the obstacle in the way of development namely Nawab Khair Buksh Marri, Nawab Akbar Bugti & Sardar Attaullah Mengal. Gwadar deep sea port was the first mega project completed and many Baloch intellectual considered it to be ethnic cleansing of Baloch nation because Baloch have studied from their past mistake that building a deep sea port will not end poverty but will attract other nation namely Punjabi, Muhajirs & Pathan, which can clearly be seen that the land in nearby Gwadar city is being sold out to such extent which raises some points that the thought  of the Baloch nation is correct that Government doesn’t wont solution but wants to turn Baloch nation in minority in their own land as it has already done inside the capital city of Balochistan Quetta which is populated mostly by the afghan refugees.

The question rises here are, How can a deep sea port be a solution to the increasing poverty? Why the Government neglects the fact that what are the basic things which are needed to end the misery of Baloch nation? The fact to these questions is the Government never admired the Baloch nation. The basic needs like gas, drinking water, education institutions, electricity & medical facilities were never produced for Baloch nation.

Gas which is being exploited since 1958 from the Sui Gas plant located inside Dera Bugti is being supplied to every city and region of Pakistan but many districts of Balochistan are waiting for it. The Balochistan Economic Report 2009 by World Bank writes these quotes for gas comprising inside Balochistan 
“In 1994-95, Balochistan produces 355 billion cubic feet (BCF) of gas and accounted for nearly 56 percent of Pakistan’s total output. A decade later, the province produce 336 (BCF) and contributed only 25 percent to national output

The Government of Pakistan to this day confirms that the due share of royalty which is taken by Sui Gas revenues is being given to Sardar of Dera Bugti [When Nawab Akbar Bugti was alive the Pakistani Government have always pointed out that the Gas royalty is given to Nawab] but the Government never mentioned that Sui Gas which is being taken to all the districts of Punjab, Sindh & N.W.F.P has never reached to any district of Balochistan except Quetta even Dera Bugti haven’t got Gas from where the gas is being supplied. 

The most important thing which a human being needs is drinking water but for Baloch nation fetching water for themselves and for their livestock becomes an everyday struggle because in Balochistan the water and sewerage lines were never constructed. Hub Dam was constructed so to fulfill the decreasing level of water inside Karachi but nothing was done for the people living inside Hub district or to nearby villages. The most disastrous thing was when the Shadi Kaur Dam which was constructed for the people of Pasni cracked with which many people lost their lives and many became homeless. The shadi kaur incident can be seen by this quote:

The Shadi kaur was investigated and found that it was build by simply blocking the flash flood water without spillway and fuses to protect the dam which resulted in many lost of lives due to failure of dam but if Shadi kaur dam as it was completely filled had enough storage to meet the water demands for Pasni for the next four years”.
The World Bank has this to say to the ongoing water crisis inside Balochistan “Water is the single most important constraint to developing rural Balochistan. While some 87 per cent of Pakistan’s total available water is found in the river system of the Indus basin, only five per cent of Balochistan’s landmass is connected to the Indus basin and the remaining 95 per cent rely on non-perennial sources. Since 97 per cent of province’s water use is by agriculture, any strategy to deal with the water shortage has to put this sector centre stage”.
The Chagai district of Balochistan which was nuked on 28 May 1998 by the then Government of Nawaz Sharif is still affected by radiation. The water in the district is under severe radiation through which many people have lost their eye sight and many lost their other senses. The Medical and Educational Facilities are absent in many district of Balochistan which are required for better living in a society, but the Government of Pakistan doesn’t seem to be interested to solve these crises of Baloch nation except given them development in the name of constructing a huge deep sea port.
The deep sea port actually is not going to solve even the tiny bit problem the Baloch nation is facing today, the construction of Roadways were not meant to give Baloch nation a better access to other parts of Pakistan but was to link Gwadar Deep sea port to other areas of Pakistan. Every Government whether it be civilian or military leadership Baloch nation suffered more problems than they were facing. For 62 years Balochistan was under military might, every day bombardment, harassment, negligence and being third grade citizen have made Baloch nation so much depressed that they have started not to believe in any of the claim the Government of Pakistan makes, because in these 62 years Baloch nation has seen more dead bodies of their families that they have stopped vowing for equal rights. The Baloch people today face the same Government claims as they have seen in their previous days, Balochistan Package. If we talk about the World Bank report which clearly state that Balochistan today is far more degraded province than the other provinces of Pakistan than these kind of packages [Balochistan Package] will not make any difference in its recent state because what Baloch nation demands its never been heard by any Government of Pakistan and the demands echoed in the ruins of Balochistan.

Talking about the due rights of Balochistan will be given like Mr Yousuf Raza Gillani stated recently there is no truth to that because neither the Baloch nation demanded anything nor the resistance movements have negotiated on the so called Balochistan Package. Balochistan politically, socially & economically is neglected and the situation inside Balochistan is not going to be resolved by the so called Balochistan package. Balochistan political situation can be called as dangerous for the political activists who are engaged in the surface politics because every day the FC [Frontier Constabulary] or the Spy agencies ISI & MI are busy abducting, torturing and even murdering the political activists whom are demanding independent. Economically & Socially Baloch people are degraded as according to the report submitted by World Bank that “Poverty in Balochistan has risen and become statistically indistinguishable from that in the NWFP, the province with traditionally the highest measured poverty.”

Now those facts which are shown in the Balochistan Economic Report 2009 can be called as “Bitter Truth”, because for 62 years people of Balochistan have lived under slavery as their oppressor have looted and plundered the resources and were never accounted for their crimes because Balochistan was not only neglected by the Government of Pakistan but the International countries have never raised their concerned over the worsening situation which was boiling up.

But now the time has changed and Balochistan is being recognized as being rich with many mineral resources but neglected inside the Federation of Pakistan. Baloch people now do not demand for equal rights because they have came up their own way to get their rights that is demanding total independent of Balochistan for which they are struggling whether it be Guerrilla warfare or politically, and for rebelling against Pakistan they are not guilty because Pakistan in these 62 years didn’t seem to care that inside its boundaries, A nation named Baloch is living but rather the Pakistani army have been busy to genocide Baloch nation to handle them with brute force and operation which resulted in the Baloch insurgency and with this growing root of insurgency the densely echoed sound of Independent Balochistan has reached the ears of international communities.

Source World Bank [BER]: http://www.worldbank.org.pk/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/SOUTHASIAEXT/PAKISTANEXTN/0,,contentMDK:22380378~pagePK:1497618~piPK:217854~theSitePK:293052,00.html