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Dec 3, 2009

Neutral BBCs one-sided attitude
By Hafeez Hassanabadi
Translated by Zrombesht

Hafeez Baloch

http://dailytawar.com/article_page/2009/articals/December/02/art1.htm (urdu version).

http://www.balochwarna.com/modules/articles/article.php?id=1923 (english version).

On November 25th 2009, when Baloch pro-liberation leader Mr. Hayrbyar Marri’s interview was published on BBC, we couldn’t understand any of his wordings because his full of dust talks were totally different from what all he has been saying to Pakistani private News channels the very same day or previously, where he had reject Balochistan package and quoted in strong words the demand of freedom and not of package and reminded our only destination was getting rid of slavery. Regarding negotiation with the Pakistani government, he cleared we would only negotiate with the Pakistani government when it declares handing over the occupation accepting independent Balochistan, then we could negotiate on the agenda of ‘independent Balochistan’. Expressing his view on the missing persons of Balochistan, his agenda included that Pakistan had forcibly occupied Balochistan and Balochistan itself has been an independent state. Our political prisoners and freedom fighters should be brought out publicly in fact they should be accepted as POWs under international law because we think our freedom fighters are the soldiers of Balochistan army who were made prisoners while they were fighting the enemy force. Therefore they should be treated the same as any ordinary POW of a country is treated by another country.

But the interview published in BBC never consisted of any such views. So apparently such thoughts pop up in one’s mind that what happened all of a sudden to Baloch leader who had openly expressed his agenda in Pakistani news channels but in his interview with the BBC sentences are more but the real points are no-where. In these numerous questions going around the mind, one and the most dominate question was; Baloch leader abandon from his agenda in just a matter of few hours and obliged for negotiations unconditionally (which we think is impossible) OR his true words were stolen intentionally.

Our this confusion was continuous till 2 different recordings of the particular interview were published at the same time on a Baloch website. It included a full interview recorded by Mr. Hayrbyar Marri’s team for their records and the interview been published just to get rid from by a BBC journalist which created so much of confusion in the minds of numerous people.

This interview taken on Balochistan package regard, can consist 4 points which are important to be known by this administration. First, Was Mr. Marri taken in any confidence regarding this package? Second, How effective or meaningless this package is in Mr. Marri’s views? Third, If he rejects this package then what are his demands and if he supports this package then what are the points in this package that are acceptable? Fourth and the last, after the proposal of this package would their be any chances of pro-liberation people to negotiate with the Pakistani officials?

These are the main points which were important at the time but it is simple when a journalist gets a chance of interviewing such a leader it tries to ask questions which it might not be able to publish in its interview but could benefit with them later at an appropriate time.

But the point being felt as an example of dishonesty is, the 11min and 22sec conversation in which Mr. Hayrbyar had used the word freedom 11 times on the subject of freedom of Balochistan but BBC’s journalist Haroon Raheed had very skillfully scissor it so that the 2min and 30sec (which was published after being edited by the administration) not even once mentioned the word ‘freedom‘. Similarly the word ‘slave’ and ‘slavery’ were used 4 times in the interview but in the published piece Baloch slaved status was mentioned no-where. Because if the word ‘slavery’ was included, so apparently the demand would’ve been freedom. So the addressed person never bother to feel the importance of publishing Mr. Hayrbyar Marri mentioning Baloch nation’s slavery and its end or treatment.

Dishonesty is an evil disease, that is why this journalist not only deprive its listeners from the true answers in fact has kept its administration in darkness regarding Balochistan freedom seekers or at least it is assumed from the interview.

He did include the sentence “We are not in favor of package politics” in this published interview but “We are the demanders of freedom” sentence is forgotten in the answer. Similarly the journalist placed a sentence “Our gates are open for negotiations” during Mr. Hayrbyar’s views on the chances of negotiations, but never felt the necessity of including the attached main condition “These negotiations will be held on the agenda of Free Balochistan”. He did question whether being taken in confidence regarding the package but the point where Mr. Hayrbyar clears himself and lets a journalist like Haroon Rasheed to record his interview appealing his selection of words for the future, But the journalist demonstrating extreme irresponsibility forgets to include it because in reply he is reminded of his one sided attitude.

Haroon Rasheed questions in the interview; The government says it has negotiated and been in contact with almost all the extremist and fugitive groups regarding the package so did they contact you too? As mentioned before during the answer of this question, as the journalist suffers from dumbness he misuses his position and authority and never publishes the first part of the question in which he had called Baloch freedom seekers as extremists and fugitives. Similarly Mr. Hayrbyar Marri’s reply was also edited where he answered shortly “I am not an extremist nor a fugitive, I am a demander of free Balochistan so they never spoke to me”

He did ask Mr. Hayrbyar Marri his demands but one of his demand was mentioned half that our freedom fighters (captured) should be treated as P.O.W but why they should be given the status of P.O.W the journalist did not mention in the argument.

Now it is as, someone runs to the acting king’s palace screaming Your majesty step down from your position! His particular demand will be understood foolish until he doesn’t say that the real king is arriving. The particular message which was not important a few seconds ago, becomes tough truth when the argument is given causing everyone present to stand up and even the acting king step out from his position. If he does not use the word ‘king’ so he being a fool would be applicable to death but his one argument make him deserve reward. Argument is the only reason making ordinary talk special and important.

Therefore the journalist has very skillfully squeezed the arguments of Mr. Hayrbyar Marri making his strong talks as ordinary words which threatens a cause of confusion among his friends about his personality and his national movement. The specific time or day chosen for the publish of this interview is extremely deadly and dangerous. We can never comment on this that the particular journalist intentionally publish the interview 2 days before the occasion of Eid but it is the truth that due to Eid holidays every news agency is closed causing it not possible to reply this dishonesty based interview where on the other hand everyone was in get together on the occasion of Eid.

Balochistan where fire and burning steel are drizzling and their national leader Hayrbyar Marri’s statements will be the topic of every get together, and the oppositions of Baloch national movement would cheer up saying the freedom seekers have at last given up. The slogan of Baloch national freedom settle down like a foam because Hayrbyar Marri while talking to BBC unconditionally agreed to negotiate with the Pakistani government. Like a phase in Balochi; ’Till truth arrives, false travel a distance ahead’ so till the end of Eid holidays and newspapers being publish, in between at least a week while government machinery and anti freedom seekers would present this interview based on dishonest editing as truth disappointing people on Baloch national movement.

The intensity of such misleading report on the basis of BBC cannot be estimated causing a shock among the Baloch nation specially the pro-liberation Balochs. In this continuation the impact of a beloved organization like BBC among Balochs will be acceptable as thinking BBC too address the poor victim Baloch as one sided. Because it is no co-incidence to hide or bring any ups and downs in such important questions. This can only be possible in 2 conditions, first the interviewer and the editor is unaware of the importance of the conversation of the person being interviewed and unknowingly selects the needed points or dishonest and sided person who tries to unaffected the interviewers conversation and make his personality suspicious.

Here excuse like lack of time and being in a hurry aren’t important because these terms do not implement on freedom or slavery kind of words.

Therefore we easily come to this conclusion that Haroon Rasheed is not only an unprofessional journalist in fact he has hatred for Baloch national movement and all that he has done is purposely and intentional. Because this fact of taking out the impression of Baloch pro-liberation leader’s strong and straight words making them important or non important and secondary is not a difficult job which not only needs skills and tricks, in fact such unfortunate hypocrisy makes one helpless in murdering his conscious, which later on in the form on anxiety makes one’s conscious restless.