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Dec 10, 2009

“Dignity and Justice for all of us” UDHR

by Diagoh Murad

Email: diagoh@yahoo.com

Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10th December, 1948. It has since been active in its role as a true platform working for the Human rights according to its declaration which is written in many languages and was distributed to all the member countries of United Nations. “Dignity and Justice for all of us” is the theme of 2008 created for better understanding of the Declaration and the ground reality of the organization. This sentence is truly inspirable and appreciable for many as it truly distinguish the fact that no man is slave of another man, or no nation is slave of another nation.

“Dignity and Justice” may be democratic words but as democracy is not applied in many countries of this Globe so do these words are not implemented by many other nations. Today most of the countries are trying to embrace the word Democracy as their state policy but there are many countries which are not even close to understand these words. There are many nations in this world who suffered most severe human rights violation, mass genocide are being conducted over them, many have faced extinction and most of them are still living in the condition of a slave like nations. A nation living under the chains of slavery in this modern time or should we call it 21st century in which evens the animal has rights and on the violation of the rights of animal there are laws for it but when suppose a nation is on the brink of extinction and the reason for this extinction is the oppressor who is trying all is will to give the extinct nation a last push to its doom, isn’t their any law that could stop this holocaust? Sure there are but what are the purposes of this silence it is still unknown.

There are many human rights organization in this world working for the betterment of human life, there have been many cases registered on the name of different countries that have violated the human rights laws Israel is on the top list, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Srilanka & Pakistan follows. Pakistan being underdeveloped country has certified itself as a secular and democratic society but in its past history it has never shown proof of being secular because it was created for the purpose to serve Islam and to build a state which would be purely Islamic by term and policies. In its separation stage from India it was depicted to safeguard the interest of the Indian Muslims who were targeted in India because of their religion.

Pakistan being an Islamic state mobilized its mass in the name of Islam and also occupied many adjoining borders to extend the borders of Pakistan. Occupation of Balochistan (Eastern Balochistan) on 28 March 1948 was the biggest treachery and hypocrisy this newly born Muslim state (Pakistan) did, Although there are proofs that Balochistan was never part of British India but this hypocrisy was not raised on any form even the United Nations didn’t responded on the occupation of an independent state which was stripped from its sovereignty and was marked as a slave nations. The precious culture and cherished language of Baloch nation started declining and Baloch nation was forgotten by most nations that Baloch were once a proud nation and are the real owner of Balochistan.

Balochistan is divided in three pieces Iranian occupied Balochistan (Western Balochistan), Pakistani occupied Balochistan (Eastern Balochistan) and Afghanistan occupied Balochistan (Southern Balochistan). These three pieces once were together and comprises great land which was called Greater Balochistan at its time. The dividing of the Greater Balochistan was planned by the British stooges who were the director of creating Pakistan, Separation of Greater Balochistan in pieces was to sustain it slavery after the British has left the region in the wake of Indian revolution. Baloch nation though never accepted this dividing of borders but were pushed from every angle. The Iranian occupied Balochistan & Pakistani occupied Balochistan were mostly under the influence of army operation which were conducted to suppress the Baloch nation who were demanding equal rights and some of the forces in Baloch nation even demanded the restoration of Greater Balochistan. The most common way to suppress the voice of freedom and equal rights was to violate human rights and that’s what both of these Islamic Republic Countries did, they violated every law which is stated in the charter of UDHR Article 2:

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Many nations have faced genocide and violation of human rights but Baloch nation for 200 years were treated badly whether they were independent or were forcefully annexed and their rights of freedom also snatched. Bangladesh for instance was also under forced of operation which took more than 300 Million lives in the wake of revolution and rebellion against Pakistan. Mostly women and children were massacred by Pakistani army. The genocide which occurred in the Dhaka University on March of 1971 by the then corps commander Tikka Khan left most of the women raped by the Pak army (The Pure Army), and after the raped was taken over they were executed brutally in front of the student hall.

To this day the Bangladeshi people urged the international communities to take action over the genocide of their nation but to no avail the voices of Universal Declaration of Human rights haven’t raised their concern over what happened in the war of Bangladesh which was inevitable but maybe for god sake if an international intervention have taken place than somehow Pakistan would have been put to leash. Today the same picture can be seen in the desert and ruins of Balochistan where mass human rights violation is taken place. Every day Baloch youth are being abducted by the notorious ISI & MI personal and are being put behind bars of Qulli camp and are restricted to see the dawn, Their mother are keeping their eyes opened for their son would returned one day and some like Iqbal Baloch’s Mother would die but their son would not come to let the last wish of their mother to come true. These Baloch youths in the Qulli camp are counted in thousand and more are missing no judicial inquiry has been taken inside the judiciary system of Pakistan, which is the direct violation of the Article 10 of the charter of UDHR.
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.
These are not to get sympathy from the readers but these are facts and facts cannot be hidden like the Bangladesh genocide was broadcasted and was raised at many levels so do the Balochistan genocide have also. The video of 17 March genocide of Hindu Baloch people by the hands of Pakistan army in the hills of Dera Bugti was internationally previewed by many intellectual and activists of many human rights organization but no action was taken against the brutal massacre of the Hindu Baloch people. Women and children of Baloch nation are also suffering the extra-judicial kidnapping which is gross human rights violation.

Dignity and Justice are appreciable words and are morally correct if a country accept it with correct means but if a country violate every law and article inside the charter of UDHR and still find asylum inside the United Nation and the United States than whom are guilty and where Baloch nation should go an appeal for justice. Then these 2 words Dignity and justice are just book words and in real life they are not implemented even by UDHR. Now in the last I would quote the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) which has this to say about the severe human rights violation occurring inside Balochistan

The Baloch people are currently suffering from severe human rights violations including enforced disappearances, extra-judicial killings, and detention without trials, subjected to indiscriminate force as well as forced displacements.

Alongside meeting with various UN member states missions, UNPO and the Baloch community have also demonstrated in Geneva to highlight the current situation of the Baloch people in Greater Balochistan.

In a memorandum released ahead of the demonstration, the UN and the wider international community was urged to ‘do its utmost to stop the unlawful assault of the Baloch people’, in order to stop a whole nation being ‘systematically… being wiped out by the Pakistani and Iranian state through cultural, economic, political and military aggression.’

The UN are being called upon to establish a fact-finding mission to investigate the human rights violations, to bring perpetrators to justice and to halt the acts of aggression against the Baloch people.

Repeated human rights violations have been documented by reputable organizations and international humanitarian’s institutions

For Bangladesh Genocide
For Balochistan 17 March Genocide

Appeal to UN and UDHR Representatives:
The last message is just an appeal to the UN and UDHR Representative who have taken ought to save the lives of human and the lives of nation who are facing genocide and violation of human rights by the oppressor who are responsible for every situation occurring inside Balochistan. Balochistan today is neglected by UN and UDHR but Baloch nation has being totally secular will struggle till the end to prove to the international communities and activists that Baloch are not miscreants or peace destroyer but are struggling for a path which leads them to their freedom.