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Nov 29, 2008

Another Baluch was hanged today in Baluchistan by the Iranian security forces

Reza hossein Borr

London, 22.12, Dec, 08--Another Baluch was hanged today in Baluchistan by the Iranian security forces. Faiz Mohammad Naroee was sentenced to 15 years jail for the fabricated charges of drugs smuggling few years ago. To create fear among Baluch public and Baluch prisoners, the government decided to hang him in public today. (1)

Faiz Ahmad belonged to strong Naroee tribe which is engaged in a bitter war with the Iranian government in Baluchistan. The senior members of this tribe claim that more than 450 of its members have been killed since the revolution. Naroee tribe is one of the largest communities in Baluchistan and covers a large part of northern Baluchistan, Kerman, Hormozgan and khorasan provinces. It has its extension in Pakistan and Afghanistan too.

It is not clear why the Islamic Republic of Iran hanged a man who was serving his 15 years jail. (2) There was news that the representative of the supreme leader in Baluchistan escaped an attempt on his life yesterday. It is likely that the government decided to hang Faiz Ahmad as a response to the alleged attempt on the life of Ayatollah Suleimani. The Iranian media reported that People's Resistance Movement of Iran, Jondollah, was responsible for the alleged attempt. The details of the attack on Ayatollah Suleimani were not disclosed. (3)

Jondollah has not taken responsibility for this event but it officially rejected the news by the government that 14 of its members have surrendered to the security forces. The Jondollah is engaged in a civil war with the Iranian government to deter the massacre of the Baluch and Sunni people of Iran. This organization claims that it is campaigning to topple this regime and help in establishing a democratic and secular system in Iraq.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has spent millions of dollars for the assassination of the Abdul Malik Rigi, the leader of Jondollah who is 26 years old. He is possibly the most successful guerrilla leader as he had 100% success in his military operations. So far three groups of assassins have been arrested by his supporters in the last three months. They were equipped with sophisticated equipments, poison, machineguns, explosives and other equipments. All of them have confessed that they have been trained and paid by the Iranian regime to assassinate the senior members of Jondollah.

32 Baloch have killed in the last 33 days by the Iranian security forces.