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December 28, 2009

The mourning of hibernating consciences…

By Hafeez Hasanabadi
Translated by Zrombesht
Source; Daily Tawar

There is a saying in Balochi “Doost Pa Doosta Soogi Nabet Pedawaren Kaare Nakant” meaning if a friend cannot express his compassion in the time of condolence, he should not cheer up dancing in happiness which could increase the intensity of one’s sorrow.

Every true person aware of the violence and genocide in Balochistan is sadden except those Baloch leaders who are in power or awaiting to be in power aren’t bothered about it. The demand of being in power has snatched their human soul and emptied them internally. Perhaps for such people it is said “They are already dead but they just don’t stink!”. But for an ordinary Baloch, Balochistan is exactly like the ‘aim’ of Socrates student who wanted to know the meaning of ‘aim’ so his master takes him to a pond to make him understand the meaning of ‘aim’. The master asks him to step into water, once they reach a deep point the master grabs his hair and starts to drown him. With in a few seconds the student starts having difficulty in breathing. Feeling the death closely he struggles to get out but the master holds him tight. Here comes a moment when the student uses his entire energy in getting out and succeed. After feeling a bit better he asks his master ‘What have you done?!’ so master replies ‘I wanted to make you understand the meaning of ‘aim’, the feeling in demand of survival could not be expressed by words and nor anyone can feel it anytime. When all other wishes in the world are no more and one and only wish is left, that particular wish is called ‘aim’.

Today Baloch nation is finding itself drowning. Iran and Pakistan have the will of chaining their feet and drowning them and Baloch nation is uniting its all energy for the only aim of its survival.
In such, the strength of intensity in Baloch nation in breaking these chains of slavery and in reaction the conspiracies against it are of the same strength. Baloch nation is aware of the price and toughness of its decision. It is ready to face any attack from the enemy but in such tough time it is badly hurt when its own people like its enemy attack them with the similar intensity hatred wise.

After reading the statements of two Baloch political personalities in the same week, ones feelings are hurt deeply. Chief Minister Aslam Raisani said the intelligence agencies should not be accused for the missing persons and the missing persons had deliberately gone underground to malign the intelligence agencies. On the second statement Haasil Bizenjo being a Baloch informs the Indians that there isn’t any freedom movement in Balochistan in fact Balochs are fighting for their right under Pakistan’s frame work.

Before commenting on such criminal statements of these leaders we would like to say that hundred people like Rehman Malik using all their forces cannot harm Baloch national struggle such hard as one of these statements given by such Baloch politicians could do.

We will not debate on Mir Haasil Bezinjo’s statement because such misguiding statements were debated in many of our articles but we would just say that these people whenever talking about their rights in Pakistan’s framework can repeat talking thousand times it is their democratic right, but keeping in mind the respect of the sacrifices of numerous martyrs, at least they should say those are freedom seekers. Presenting Baloch struggle in such ways show that the people sacrificing their lives and these political personalities have the same agenda. And those in the mountains are under these personalities so whenever their demands are met these personalities will call them back from mountains and everything will be all right whereas in reality nothing is so. Such statements are dangerous to national struggles because these could lead misunderstanding in the world about Baloch national struggle and rather than a concrete demand many useless debates take place which obviously go in the favor of the enemy.

Chief Minister’s statement about missing persons not being in the custody of the intelligence agencies is such a lie that strongly annoys. Being in power has closed the eyes of such people or if 2 and a half years back when these people were not in power and intelligence agencies were kidnapping people in Balochistan and releasing one or two after numerous tortures and when these people used to tell their stories (of being tortured) these gentlemen used to strictly condemn (the intelligence agencies) for it. But today since they are in power they are unable to see the killings of their brothers and the rapes of their sisters by the intelligence agencies.

We cannot figure out each word of this statement being a knife cutting Jalil Reki, Iqbal Baloch, Dr. Deen Mohd, Zakir Majeed, Asghar Bangulzai and thousands of other missing persons relatives hearts but we could figure out that after this statement no other mask is left to be revealed on Aslam Raisani. Those people will be ashamed today who used to say that particular person is an honest person but establishment has forced him to give such heart breaking statements like “Baloch missing persons have deliberately gone underground”. In this view another statement from a political alliance pass through which stated soreness that it is not far that tomorrow this gentleman might say that Martyr Ghulam Mohammad and his colleagues committed suicide, Rasool Baksh Mengal with a sharp blade cut his chest and back writing ’Hail Pakistan’ and ’Down to Baloch and BLA’. Dr Allah Nizar beat and chained himself up. The worker of Education Ministry in Mand, Sattar Baloch decorated his body with cigarette burn marks.

The list is very long so lets leave it by just mentioning Shafi Baloch’s case who was in custody for 15-20 days and was later on in condition of half dead thrown near a street corner. He said that they were hanged upside down naked and one bearded Punjabi soldier used to urinate on the faces of Baloch prisoners singing ‘Hail Hail Pakistan!’ and then give them electric shocks on the same urinated wet faces. Along these tortures such threats were also given to them that after their release if they open their mouth and try to tell anyone how they were treated, they shall be killed.

Rather than giving such statement that Baloch missing persons have deliberately gone underground, Chief Minister could have attempted moral courage by saying ‘Intelligence Agencies own imposed government is active in Balochistan and We are helpless‘. This truth is painful but would not have been an example of such carelessness.

Perhaps for some people Chief Minister’s this statement might have been a shocking one but for us it wasn’t anything new. We have been saying this before that all those who think that Aslam Raisani, Zardari or Nawaz Sharif are honest to Baloch, are in mistake. In fact these people who think so are opportunists and are wondering if they are going to take Raisani’s place after him. Such people in the name of nationalism are sitting in the markets trading nation and nationalism.

In reality any ruler in Islamabad and any government in Baluchistan (under Pakistani rule) being Chief Minister Aslam Raisani or Jamali, Mengal or Zehri, Achakzai or Darzadag, Sarmastani or Hazara everyone will now or then speak Pakistan’s accent and the state policy is that all the nations by force or by greed should be made Pakistanis and all the present coast and resources should be under the occupation of the state, no one should be able to claim its right in any condition.
Those who are unaware of it are the most ignorant people of the world and those who are aware of this and still are insisting to go to parliament with any excuse, we can only pray for such people that they are advised to get rid of such nation enmity.