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December 28, 2009

The announcement of Balochistan package

By Hafeez Hasanabadi
Translated by Archen Baloch
Source; Daily Tawar


The issue of Baloch and Balochistan has now attained the attention of entire world community. And it seems that the thinking of world community, towards Baloch issue, is taking a new form and shape. Baloch nation, once punished by British Empire by dividing Balochland into parts for being patriotic and liberalist who defied death to depend their homeland, has compelled world into thinking of new perspectives to address the new requirements and apprehensions, that if a nation adores its identity and homeland in either way, whether in love or hate, is far better then the hired slave, who is all set to do anything for its interests.

Despite being a polarized and backward nation, Baloch are struggling to defend every inch of their homeland to the last drop their blood, even with desperate conditions, the courage, with which it’s confronting two powerful countries, has drawn the attention towards a real power which is capable of providing the world community a rare pleasant opportunity to bring relative peace in the region. That real power is possessed by Baloch nation, if pulled together, can rectify the imbalance of power in the entire region, even after a great chaos. The world community is undergoing through the same punishments by the hand of Iran and Pakistan , which were once inflicted upon Baloch for the sins they have never committed before, albeit under the compulsion of new exigencies. These two countries have plunged the world community into insecurity to the extent that it has now started to regard them scrupulously otherwise. Yet, both countries have the realization, that the world community does not tolerate their double-crossing anymore. Therefore, at state level, both have skillfully started to create new hurdles to detract the world attention towards the real problem.

The announcement of Balochistan package and the program to pacify the Baloch people is nothing more then a time being self deception, so that it could pay full attention towards Afghanistan for inflicting a shameful defeat upon America and its allies as soon as possible, and compelling them to withdraw from Afghanistan leaving behind them the "dirty job", so that it could sustain its survival for a few more time. Therefore, Pakistani state has now launched a systemic media war against America . On the one hand, at state level rulers talking about unified efforts to tackle the terrorism, on the other, all Pakistan media is engaged in a malicious campaign against America, where hardly an affective program is aired, in which America is not depicted as the biggest Satan in Sketches, songs, and dramas.

In short, America and its allies are hardly being spared in their campaign, but the most dangerous point here is that in this storming propaganda what is emerging out of it, is that once again Islam being used, this famous sentence is widely being used in the media war; "conspiracy is being hatched against Islam". In this ardent campaign, as if a public opinion is being created to pave the way of a war between Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, which could be much more lethal for world community then the Al Qaeda and Talban, in the shape of a will organized power.

To say less, it seems that an unnecessary and meaningless hue and cry about Baloch and Balochistan is being created as a part of a wider campaign where it gives a cover to their 'real intention' to turn the entire region into a hell for America and its allies.

Apart from all these shenanigans, Balochistan package is nothing more than a jugular box used to get the trained political monkeys of the establishment play deception act. But Baloch nation has abandoned the habit of paying any attention to such a package a long time ago. They are struggling for their survival, for even a slightest moment, Baloch are not oblivious of the fact that jugulars are playing sophisticated tricks to trap them in.

It is not hard to see how biased Islamabad has become in devising this Balochistan package towards Baloch, which has not only been rejected by those who are engaged in different level of struggle for freedom from Iran and Pakistan, but also by those political parties who have not yet abandoned parliamentary politics. Every sentence of this package is implying that Baloch are enslaved by dominant prejudiced Pakistani state. Each and every point of this aforementioned package is a box filled with deception. Had they taken into confidence anyone, then why prime minister and president had to release a press statement that they had taken all into confidence?

According to BNF spokesperson, no political prisoner has been released of the front, except Shafique Baloch. Then what was the necessity of resorting to bluffing in parliament, that "all Baloch missing persons will reach their home from today"? Let alone the thousand missing persons, those who have been taken notice of by prime minister himself have not yet reached their homes. Even worst, after the statement of the prime minister, BSO's ex vice chairman Sangat Sana and Gaffar Langu along with their friends became the added victims packed up by state agencies. In addition, the martyrdom of 10 BRP innocent workers and almost 25 other injured Baloch in Dera Bugti area are worthy to be mentioned here.

Surpassing all limits of meanness, in the cover of withdrawing the fabricated cases against the workers of BNF, all the cases of criminals have been withdrawn, hired by the government salaried politicians and chieftains.

It must not be forgotten that all political parties in BNF (Balochistan National Front) have constantly demanded that if there are cases against the missing persons, then it is the moral obligation of the government to produce them before the courts. If proven, of course, should be punished.

Similarly regarding the military operation in Balochistan, all tricks of Machiavellian are deployed in broad daylight. The Persian saying that "what happens if an ass comes and a cow goes" is fully justified if said about the announcement of the deployment of the Frontier Corps in the place of regular army in Balochistan. These are the two most sensitive crises which have turned Balochistan into an erupting volcano. If the irresponsible attitude of the government towards these sensitive issues is as such, than it is not hard to imagine what rulars would do with other issues.

In short, no improvement is going to take place in Balochistan situation by this package; however, here rises the question, eventually there comes a result out of this situation, but what kind of a result would emerge?

We believe that Pakistan has to pay a heavy price for the ridiculous jokes, Islamabad used to play with Balochistan. As usual, This Balochistan package is designed to cater to salaried privileged class and ridicule Baloch nation.

Naturally, the people who have been taken in by the government statement would start believing those who have been saying all along, that this package is a jugular box filled with deception.

As consequences, this package, designed to weaken Baloch resistance, would backfire and Baloch youths in a greater number join the resistance movement. There should be no doubt about these facts that the majority would join the ranks of Sarmachars (freedom Fighters) and those who were vacillating so far, would throw their weight behind the pro independent parties and help them to hold successful rallies and protests in cities. It spurs the freedom movement in entire Balochistan to new heights and increases their power of resistance in cities and mountains, and the government grip loosens eventually. The Government stance and the arguments about Balochistan to remain within Pakistan not only would be rendered ineffective, but would rather intensify the unacceptability of Pakistani state.

The parties, which are So far bogged in the marsh of opportunism, demanding that three or four subject, should remain with federation and the remaining should be conferred to provinces, not only would be unable to justify their stance, but also would remain silent.

In the event of intensification of the resistance movement, Pakistani forces, out of sheer desperation, would commit such heinous crimes, thereby the hatred increases against Pakistan . It would urge Baloch liberalists within Balochistan and Karachi to close their ranks and draw new strategies. The leadership leaving in abroad, particularly Khair Beyar Marri would have to intensify his activities. His bold and candid speeches, about independent Balochistan in different international forums, have made him a popular leader. Now it is the call of the hour for all political parties in Baloch National Front to jointly persuade him into accepting the job of representing the Baloch nation in abroad. And at the same time it is his job to form a five or seven member's team, so that it could substantially present Baloch national case for freedom in the international forums in the event of the possible intensity of Pakistan 's volatile situation.

Meanwhile, it is highly possible that BHRC based in London, would get its acts together in a proper manner and disassociate itself from the parties who are bogged in the marsh of opportunistic Pakistani parliamentary politics, demanding the right to self determination, (according to the current situation it is a hypocratic slogan). And it is hoped that it categorically reminds the world about the violation of Baloch human rights and that Baloch on both sides of the border living a slavish life. Along with Eastern Balochistan , pro independent parties in western Balochistan, particularly Baloch Raaji Zrombresht and Baloch Liberation Organization would also get more active, because, nowadays Raaji Zrombrsht leaders are ardently participating in all those programs and seminars where Baloch national Leader Hair Beyar Marri participates. Thus, it is how the government joke (the rights package) would serve as a wake up call for all hibernating Baloch on both sides of the border to rise on occasion.

The virus of this package is not so potent; one might fear that it would kill off Baloch national movement. But its not so, the virus that can not kill would surly fortified the defensive system of the host body.

It is highly possible that Pakistan's some of those problems would get exacerbated and go beyond the control of the government, which were once Pakistan's own making invented to detract the public attention from bigger problems. During all this while the state establishment would be able to avail itself from two fronts; first, in the cover of the chaotic situation, it would allow the Talban's selected leadership to elapse into save heaven. And on the other side it would succeed in creating loyalty for extremists and hatred for other religions, which would eventually help exhaust American and its ally's patient about Pakistan . It would be an unexpected surprise for Pakistan . While on the other side, during all this while, the sure footed Baloch national struggle would be moving towards its destination with rather confidence, and the world community would regard Baloch nation as a potent power to bring relative peace in the region.

Source: dailytawar newspaper

Translated by: Archen Baloch