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Below is coverage specific to the killing of Baloch nationalist leaders Nawab Akbar Bugti in 2006, Balach Marri in 2007, and the arrest of Balach Marri's brother political and human rights activist Herbiyar Marri and fellow activist Faiz Mohammad Baluch in London in December, 2007.

There is considerable speculation that the arrest of Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch was a quid pro quo demanded by Pakistan before Pakistan would turn over Rashid Rauf (see developments below), who is sought by the British authorities on terrorist-related charges. Inexplicably, following the arrest of Mr. Marri and Mr. Baluch in London, Rashid Rauf 'escaped' from Pakistani authorities.

For overall review, see: Plot to eliminate Baluch nationalists, by Samuel Baid, The Pioneer, Dec 27, 2007

Faiz Baluch (left) and Hyrbyar Marri (right) with Walid Garboni (www.balochinews.com) outside Belmarsh Court, January 2009

Faiz Baluch's statement; Hyrbyair Marri's statement

"Not Guilty!"

London – 11 February 2009

Baloch terrorism trial "not guilty" verdict: Jury acquits defendants framed by Musharraf regime, by Peter Tatchell, The Guardian

Defendants Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch vindicated: "Baluchistan human rights activists, Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch, have been acquitted of terrorism charges today, 11 February 2009, at Woolwich Crown Court in London..."

Peter Tatchell's Statement

From theBaluch.com: We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the legal teams who did such brilliant work in preparing the defenses for these two men. For Mr. Marri: Henry Blaxland QC, Rajiv Menon, Jim Nichol. And for Mr. Baluch: Lady Helena Kennedy QC, Hossein Zahir, Gareth Peirce and Sajida Malik.

We are also grateful to Peter Tatchell for his insight and tireless efforts to keep readers informed of the trial's progress AND to the jury for their considered deliberations.

This is a great day for truth and justice--two ideals much under attack in our times.

For coverage since arrest, on Rashid Rauf and other related issues: background coverage

Closing statement for Faiz Baluch
by Lady Helena Kennedy QC (Wed, Jan 21, 2009): "I just wanted to start by taking you back to 1947 because in 1947 there was a moment when Lord Mountbatten, who was then the viceroy of India...he took the salute in Delhi and the British flag was lowered. It was signalling the end of British dominion over the whole of the Indian subcontinent and that included this area that has now become Pakistan..."
Closing statement for Hairbyar Marri by Henry Blaxland QC (Thurs, Jan 22, 2009) Summary
by Peter Tatchell.

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Attendees (left to right):
Murtaza Ali, journalist for The News, Tariq Baloch, Mehrab Baloch, Ehsan Arjumandi Baloch, Peter Tatchell, Khan of Kalat Suleiman Daud Ahmadzai, Faiz Baluch, Baroness Helena Kennedy, Gareth Peirce, Hyrbair Marri, Samad Baloch, Ghulam Hussain Baloch, Marzook Ali Shah with Sahil MagZine in UK.

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New: United Kingdom, May 5, 2009: Following the London trials of Hairbyar Marri and Faiz Baluch, CAMPACC (Campaign Against Criminializing Communities) organized and sponsored a public meeting on issues related to Balochistan in the House of Lords. The meeting was hosted and chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, one of the UK's top defence barristers. (For coverage related to the trials and the 'not guilty' verdicts, click here.)

Please click to read speeches delivered by Hairbyar Marri (word doc) and Faiz Baluch (word doc). Click here for full text.

Videos of the proceedings: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Balach Marri
Jan. 17, 1965 - Nov 20, 2007

  From the editors:
Jeannie Gunn wrote of the uninhabited regions of Australia: "Called the Never-Never, the Maluka loved to say, because they, who have lived in it and loved it Never-Never voluntarily leave it." Similarly, most Baloch do not voluntarily choose to leave Balochistan, but are instead forced by reasons related to politics, economics, and human rights abuses. Balach Marri did risk a return in an effort to advocate for human and political rights. That fight took many turns and in the end, it took his life.

On January 17, 2008, Balach Marri would've celebrated his 43rd birthday. Due to the political complexities of the region in which he died, most of us will never be fully informed of the details of his untimely death. And while the mysterious circumstances of his murder will no doubt become the stuff of novelists and historians, the reasons he found himself ambushed in the never-never borderlands of Afghanistan or Pakistan are copiously documented.

While the Khan of Kalat signed an Accession Agreement with Pakistan in 1948, he did not sign-on to the sad story that Balochistan has become. For an account of the full history behind today's events, please read Baloch Nationalism: Its Origin and Development by Taj Mohammad Breseeg. To read an excerpt on the resistance immediately surrounding the Accession in 1948 and the origin of the contempoary nationalist struggle, please see chapter 4. And to answer the question, 'Who Are the Baloch?', please read this excerpt from In Afghanistan’s Shadow: Baloch Nationalism and Soviet Temptations by Selig S. Harrison.
  Arrest of Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Moh. Baluch   | Killing of Balach Marri   | Killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti
'Terror abroad' retrial ruled out, BBC News, Mar 10, 2009: "The CPS counter-terrorism division has carefully considered the evidence against Hyrbyair Marri in light of the jury's verdicts and decided that the case no longer meets the tests set out in the code for Crown prosecutors."
Imran defends terror suspects, The Independent, Jan 9, 2009
New: Asylum seeker Faiz Baluch is 'casualty of post-September 11th geo-politics', by Fran Yeoman, Times Online, Jan 5, 2009: "An asylum seeker on trial for allegedly inciting terrorist murder in Pakistan is not a criminal but a casualty of post-September 11th geo-politics and the alliances forged between Britain, America and the Musharraf regime, a court heard today. Faiz Baluch, a Baluchistani nationalist, was branded a terrorist after attempting to highlight the “brute violence, death and destruction” being meted out to his people by Musharraf's government; Refugee 'acted in self-defence', BBC News, Jan 5, 2009; Faiz Baluch is a victim of Pakistan geopolitics: lawyer, Dawn.com, Jan 5, 2009
Background coverage: full article: "The Pakistan High Commissioner , speaking on behalf of the new democratic government of Pakistan, says his government wants reconciliation in Baluchistan and opposes the prosecution, effectively calling for the charges to be dropped," says human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who helped coordinate Monday's protest. Previously, the acting Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik, announced that terror charges against Mr Marri in Pakistan have been cancelled; stating that the case against him had been politically motivated by the Musharraf dictatorship..."
Trial begins, prosecution expected to open on Nov 4: Trial begins for two men on terror charges, orig. source, Nov 3, 2008: "...Faiz Baluch, of Wembley, and Hyrbyair Marri, from Ealing, are accused of inciting terrorism and murder in Pakistan via links to the Baluchistan Liberation Army...";
Update: PM ambushed on civil liberties, by Peter Tatchell, Oct 30, 2008: "...As the Prime Minister prepared to leave the exhibition Mr Tatchell challenged him again; this time about what he called the "framing" of two London-based Balochistan human rights campaigners, Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch..."; UK colludes with Musharraf's agents, by Peter Tatchell, Oct 27, 2008
Baluchistan Leader on Terror Charges in London, by Peter Tatchell, UKWatch.net, Apr 25, 2008
In the light of the current terrorism trial in London of Baloch human rights campaigners Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch, you may be interested to watch Peter Tatchell's online TV interview with Mehran Baluch, the Baloch representative at the UN Human Rights Council. See more detail
Balochistan campaigners in the frame: Peter Tatchell accuses Gordon Brown's government of collusion with Pakistani attempts to frame human rights activists on terrorism charges, by Peter Tatchell, Sep 19, 2008;
Trial and terror: Baloch human rights campaigners framed?, by Peter Tatchell, New Statesman – London, Sep 11, 2008;
Faiz Baluch released from prison (in Balochi): Baluch nationalist activist Faiz Baluch who was arrested late last year by British police along with Hyrbyair Marri, was released on bail Friday afternoon; Faiz Baluch and co-defendant Hyrbyair Marri are charged with terrorism offences relating to inciting terrorism in Baluchistan. Their trial is scheduled to begin Oct 2, 2008 in London. (coverage from before at UKWatch.Net, IHT, theGuardian).
Plot to eliminate Baluch nationalists, by Samuel Baid, The Pioneer, Dec 27, 2007
Rashid Rauf: wanted by the British, lost by the Pakistanis, one-time subject of quid pro quo in exchange for Baloch Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch?--now reported killed by CIA drone attack: MPs seek answers as CIA kills British terror suspect Rashid Rauf, London Times, Nov 24, 2008: Two senior MPs yesterday demanded to know whether the British Government had been given notice of the planned attack, which was a CIA operation controlled from a US military base in Nevada... Pakistani authorities confirmed that Rauf was the main target of Saturday's attack on a suspected militant hideout in the border village of Ali Khel in North Waziristan. Information about Rauf's death was based on intercepted communications between militants in the area..."; Rashid Rauf was linked to al-Qaeda's number two Ayman al-Zawahiri, by Isambard Wilkinson, Daily Telegraph, Nov 23, 2008: "... There was no independent corroboration of his death but local Pakistani intelligence officials and US intelligence officials believed he was dead, according to a senior Pakistani military source..."; Rashid Rauf The mysterious adult life of a Birmingham baker's boy turned alleged al-Qaida terrorist, Guardian profile, Nov 22, 2008: "...Rauf's lawyer, Hashmat Ali Habib, told the Guardian last year: 'It wasn't an escape from custody. You could call it a 'mysterious disappearance' if you like, but not an escape.'...; US Air Strike Kills Rashid Rauf, Brother-In-Law Of Masood Azhar, International Terrorism Monitor-Paper No. 471, by B. Raman, Nov. 22, 2008; From before: The Curious Case of Rashid Rauf, International Terrorism Monitor, by B. Raman, SAAG, 2006; Who orchestrated Rashid Rauf's escape and why, TheAcorn; Briton drawn into delicate diplomacy of swaps as Pakistan insists on reciprocal deal for terror suspect, by Sandra Laville, the Guardian, Mar 28, 2007: "...Activist who has lived in UK for 20 years is one of eight men wanted by Musharraf..."; see background coverage related to the above trial in London and Rashid Rauf here...
Click to send an Asian Human Rights Commission urgent appeal to Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the detention of Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch
Dec 25, 2007: Sources report Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch held in Belmarsh (Belmarsh - Britain's Guantanamo Bay?): Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch appeared at the Old Bailey via videolink from prison on Dec 21, 2007. Authorities failed to provide sufficient evidence against the two and asked the court for more time. Bail was rejected. The next hearing is on Feb 1, 2008. (Of Belmarsh: "Nine foreigners have been held in London's Belmarsh Prison for almost three years without charge or trial..." Amnesty International says: "...The conditions are cruel, inhuman and degrading. The parallels with Guantanamo Bay are stark.")
Briton drawn into delicate diplomacy of swaps, The Guardian, Mar 28, 2007; Pakistan agents ‘staged escape' of terror suspect, Sunday Times, Dec 23, 2007
Pair face terror charges next hearing on February 1, Press Association, Dec 22, 2007
Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Moh. Baluch Arrested in London:
Click to send an Asian Human Rights Commission urgent appeal to Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee (be sure to CHANGE SUBJECT LINE in the draft letter to avoid having your email blocked by recipient's email program)
Dec. 16: Demonstration, London, 10 Downing St.
Urgent Action: Arrest of Baloch Human Rights Activists Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Moh. Baluch in the UK and their Potential Extradition to Pakistan: video of demonstration

Statement to the press, for Word doc
Letter to Gordon Brown, for Word doc
Dec. 11: 2 London residents accused of inciting terrorism in Pakistan are held in the UK, by IHT (AP), Dec 11, 2007
Urgent Appeal from Managing board in Radio Balochi FM - Sweden: Dec 5, 2007: "...We urge you to persuade the British govenment and other democratic foreign countries to take a stand against the injustice and victimization of the Baloch..." click for full text
Urgent Appeal to the office of the minister for foreign affairs of the kingdom of Norway by Mohammad Moosa Arjemandi, Dec 7, 2007, regarding the "Arrestasjonen av den Balochiske menneskerettighets aktivisten i London, Storbritania." click for full text
Urgent Appeal to Amnesty International by International center for Peace and Democracy, International Kahsmir Alliance-IKA, Dec 6, 2007: "Any act of the British government to collaborate with the Pakistan government will be a serious violation of the UN human rights charter since Pakistan's poor human rights record and political persecution of especially Baloch leaders have been reported by all credible human rights organizations and world media." click for full text
Open letter to Secretary General of Amnesty International by Maqbool Aliani, Dec 5, 2007: "The fate of Mr. Herbiyar Marri is a matter of enormous tension and unrest among the Baloch people and their friends and supporters throughout the world." click for full text
Pakistan Criticized in the European Parliament for arrest and killing of Baluch Nationalist Leaders, Dec 5, 2007, Click for full text
Letter to the British Ambassador in Geneva from Interfaith International in support of Mehran Baloch. (Pakistani authorities are also seeking the extradition of Mehran Baloch.)
Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch Detained in London
Dec. 4, 2007: Herbiyar Marri, 39, was detained by British authorities under the Terrorism Act 2000 in Operation Super Sweep/Swift from his residence in Ealing, London on Dec. 3. Authorities have transferred Mr. Marri to Paddington Green police station. Faiz Baluch of the Baluchistan Rights Movement was simulataneously picked up from Hyrbyair's residence in Wembley and taken to an undisclosed location.
At the moment Mr. Baluch has no legal representation.

The editors are deeply concerned that Mr. Marri and Mr. Baluch will be extradited to Pakistan where intelligence agencies are notorious for their use of torture. We urge the unconditional and immediate release of Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch.
Send emails protesting the detention of Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch in London to:
The British Consulate, US: PAT@britainusa.com
The British Consulate, UK: erin.taylor@fco.gov.uk
United Nations: tb-petitions@ohchr.org
Amnesty International: aiusama@aiusa.org
News alert, Dec. 4: Baluch citizens in exile harassed in London, in clear violation of dissident rights and political refugee law. For previous coverage, see Pakistan seeks swap deal to extradite dissidents living in Britain
Musharraf red-faced as suspect flees, Bruce Loudon, The Australian, Dec 17, 2007; Pakistani Authorities Struggle to Tie Rauf to London Plot, by Chris Zambelis, Global Terrorism Watch, Sep 6, 2006
London gathering: Baloch and Sindhi leaders and activists paid tributes to Balach Marri, details and pictures
Brahumdagh Bugti (L), Nawabzada Balach Marri (R), 2007
Nawabzada Balach Marri laid to rest, BalochWarna, Dec 1, 2007
Operation against BLA in Karachi soon, Pakistan Link, Nov 24, 2007
UAE Baloch mourn Balach Marri untimely death, IntelliBriefs, BBC News, Nov 24, 2007
Top Baloch rebel leader 'killed', by Syed Shoaib Hasan, BBC News, Nov 21, 2007
BBC (Urdu) video interviews with Baloch leaders Talal Akbar Bugti and Nawab Aslam Raisani, Nov 23, 2007

Condolence Message to Balach Marri Family and Baloch People, Intellibriefs, Nov 23, 2007

Baloch Che Guevara is Dead: The Freedom Struggle Continues, by B. Raman, Nov 23, 2007

Marri says he doesn't believe Balach is dead, Dawn, Nov 23, 2007

Balach Marri was killed by NATO FORCES in Garam
, postings at SAAG.org, Nov 23, 2007 (other strikes in region: Up to 80 civilians dead' after US air strikes in Afghanistan by Jason Burke, The Guardian, July 1, 2007)

Mystery shrouds Balach's killing, Dawn, Nov 23, 2007

Balach Marri's killing
, BalochPeople.org/eng, Nov 22, 2007

Press Release 11.22.07:
World Sindhi Institute condemns extrajudical killing
Balach Marri with Nawab Akbar Bugti in 2006, BBC News, profile, Nov 21, 2007 (Urdu ed.)
Did Balach Marri make history in Sarlat?, Intellibriefs, Nov 22, 2007

Baluch leader killed in Afghanistan
, al Jazeera, Nov 21, 2007

BALOCHISTAN: Baloch Nationalist Balach Marri killed
, IntelliBriefs, Nov 21, 2007

Top Baloch rebel leader 'killed'
, by Syed Shoaib Hasan, BBC News, Nov 21, 2007

"Balach has left us.", IntelliBriefs, Nov 21, 2007

Nawabzada Balach Marri Martyred during a face-to-face battle with Pakistani forces, BalochWarna, Nov 21, 2007

Photo published by BalochVoice.com of Balach Marri in the mountains of Balochistan, 2007. See video interview with al-Jazeera. See his speech on the Role of Liberation Movements
New photo published by BalochVoice.com of Balach Marri in the mountains of Balochistan. Balach Marri survived an attack by Pakistani special forces (SSG) on 26 August 2006, in which well-known Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed. See video interview with al-Jazeera. See his speech on the Role of Liberation Movements

poem by Nawab Akbar Bugti

Interview with Nawab Akbar Bugti, recording date unknown (for wikipedia profile of Nawab Akbar Bugti and other interviews, click here)
26th August, London:
First Martyrdom Anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti

"Baluchistan Action Committee (UK), World Sindhi Congress and Baluchistan Rights Movement are organizing a memorial meeting to honour the great Baloch hero Nawab Akber Bugti on the first anniversary of his murder by the Pakistani Army on 26th August, 2006."

click for poster, details
Balochistan shut to protest Bugti's killing, by Muhammad Ejaz Khan, The Post, Aug 26 2007
The Geostrategic Implications of the Baloch Insurgency, by Tarique Niazi, Global Terrorism Analysis, Nov 16, 2006
Assassination of Nawab Bugti Threatens to Escalate Pak-Baloch Tensions, by Tarique Niazi, Global Terrorism Analysis, Sep 6, 2006