There comes a cry, like thunder's sound
Like thousands of swords . . . striking around,
The Sound echoed, in the Towns around
In the valleys, Mountains and Villages around.

Lo!! The black clouds are lowering down
on Sindh & Baluchistan's plains and Towns,
Listen!! roaring guides of Nawab Akber Bugti Khan
Sindh & Balochistan' and Lion

"Oh Sindh-o-Balochistan, Sistan-O-Khorasan
The land, the rivers, the coast of Mekuran,
The men, women and the children of my beloved land
Who will be the Protecter of Sindh & Balochistan?"

Be firm, conscious and struggle not lonely
United & faithfully, protect your land bravely,
Forget it not . . . for a while!!
Keep it in your conscious minds
"That for thousands of years our forefather's land
is threatened, now by a Robber's band."

As long as the cruelty in the land runs
And the Sindhians arms, takes the Guns.
Balochs, Sindhis and their friends to their duty go
Sindh and Balochistan are kept free from the foe.

Boldly striking, defeating & expelling the Fascism
Rises the sun of Holy Freedom,
The long duel from Sindh to Sistan
Happily ends to free 'Sindh-Balochistan'.