Alert, Dec. 4, 2007

Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan, has been fighting for a rightful share of their resources and participation in their own governance. In the course of their human rights work, Baluch nationals have taken up residence in London, for safety.

Exiled Baluch Patriot Herbiyar Marri has been arrested by British authorities, his house and the entire neighborhood in London has been cordoned off. The property is being searched and his family has been evacuated. Authorities transferred Mr. Marri to Paddington Green police Station for interrogation. The home of Noordin Mengal (click for statement), also located in Ealing, has been cordoned off as well. Mr. Mengal was not present and no arrests have been made.

This incident has been prompted by the Pakistani authorities to put pressure on and curb Baluch human rights workers. The British authorities should not become a party to unjustifiable persecution and victimization of the secular Baluch diaspora.

The Musharraf regime has been lobbying and persuading the British government to extradite Baluch human rights workers in order to eliminate their opposition.

Herbiyar's brother, Balach Marri was targeted and killed two weeks ago, see this BBC story: