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Risky business?--Running a Baloch website: Dr. Arif Barakzai, a member of the BSO and a lecturer at Uppsala University in Sweden, died after 'falling' 11 floors from the balcony of his apartment on Jan 10, 2008. Dr. Barakzai ran a website devoted to Baloch culture: http://bizmkaar.com. It is unknown what if anything Norwegian authorities have determined about the circumstances of Dr. Barkazai's death. Munir Mengal was imprisoned in Pakistan for his relationship with the website balochvoice.com. Balach Marri ran balochvoice.com until his death in November 2007. In 2006 Reporters Without Borders condemned a decision by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block four Baluch nationalist websites for carrying "misleading information." Others who have suffered the long reach of Pakistan agencies include: Samiullah Baloch, a social activist and President of Balochistan Institute For Future Development, who was kidnapped along with his brother Obaidullah Ali in 2006. Both were subsequently released following the intervention of Amnesty International (Samiullah ran the website www.bifd.net). Senator Sanaullah Baloch, brother of the kidnappees and a prominent politician of Balochistan who now lives in exile in Europe, suffered an attempt on his life in London in 2006. Sanaullah Baloch's website is: http://www.sanabaloch.page.tl/Home.htm.
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Baloch and related sites (alphabetized):
The Baloch Hal: http://thebalochhal.com/
Baloch Human Rights Council: http://www.bhrc.tk/and http://bhrccanada.blogspot.com/
BalochJohd: http://www.balochjohd.com
Baloch Society Of North America (BSO_North America)
Balochistan Human Rights Watch blog: http://bhrw.blogspot.com/
Balochistan National Party
Baloch Missing: www.balochmissing.com
Baloch Rise: www.balochrise.com/vb
Baloch Students Organization - Azaad: http://sagaar.org/joomla/
Baloch Unity: http://www.balochunity.org
Baloch Unity Conference: http://balochbuc.blogspot.com/
Baloch Vanguards Production Profiles: Artwork and profiles of figures in Baloch history: Baluch Sarmachar Baloch Vanguards
Baloch Voice: http://balochvoice.com/
Baloch Warna: http://www.balochwarna.org/
Balochi News: http://www.balochinews.com/
Balochistan in History: http://balochistaninhistory.blogspot.com/
Balochistan Peoples Party: http://eng.balochpeople.org/
Baloch TV station: www.rozhn.tv. If you are on facebook, please join Rozhn tv's group here.
Baluch Sarmachar: http://baluchsarmachar.wordpress.com/
Bygwaah: Voice for Baloch Missing Persons: http://www.bygwaah.com
Daily Dunya, Quetta: http://www.dailydunya.com/
CrisisBalochistan: http://www.crisisbalochistan.com
Daily Intekhab: http://www.dailyintekhab.com.pk/
Diagoh Murad's blog: http://diagohmurad.info.tm/index.php?
Gwank.org: http://gwank.org
Lens on Balochistan: http://lensonbalochistan.blogspot.com
Radio Balochi: http://www.radiobalochi.org
Save Balochistan Campaign: http://www.savebalochistancampaign.blogspot.com/
SATP: primary data/timelines on sub-conventional conflict in Balochistan
Sanaullah Baloch: http://sanaullahbaloch.webs.com/
Trapped Truth: http://trappedtruth.wordpress.com/
UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: http://irinnews.org
for music: Music of Makran: Traditional Fusion From Coastal Balochistan
Regaining Sovereignty: http://regainingsovereignty.blogspot.com/
World Sindhi Organization: http://worldsindhi.org,
in the region:
Intellibriefs: intellibriefs.blogspot.org
Iran Focus: http://www.iranfocus.com
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran: http://www.iranhumanrights.org/
Real News Network
Rethink Afghanistan
South Asia Analysis Group
Three new blogs on regional issues that affect Balochistan by B. Raman: Raman's Strategic Analysis and Raman's Terrorism Analysis, Chennai Center for Chinese Studies