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TheBaluch is going through a site refresh, but until it is completed this summer 2009, this will be the page where articles related to development reside. This section will archive not only issues related to Baloch development, but will include articles that outline what is happening globally in an effort to learn from others mistakes and successes.

Our first entry in this section will be Venezuela's President Chavez's recent gift to President Obama (Apr 2009): "Open Veins of Latin America" by Eduardo Galeano. The Guardian describes it as: "A classic work in left-wing circles, Galeano's book analyses five centuries of unequal relations with Europe and the US. It contends that Latin America has been abused as industrialised nations plundered its natural resources, ranging from gold and silver to cocoa and cotton." Given the history of resource exploitation in Balochistan, this seems a fitting work to reflect upon and incorporate into one's understanding of economic development and under-development around the globe.
Development: Local Baloch Issues
Prime Minister inaugurates first wind power plant, Business Recorder, Apr 20, 2009: "... Gilani said that the launch of Zorlu Wind Farm is, indeed, a major milestone towards exploiting the wind potential of renowned Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor. This 60 km long and 170 km deep corridor alone has the potential to generate over 50,000MW of electricity..."; maps of wind corridor, taepl.com; resource potential of wind project, Alternative Energy Development Board (click pic below for larger map of wind power in Balochistan)
Development: State Issues
Pakistan's Fatal Shore, by Robert D. Kaplan, Atlantic Monthly, May 2009: "With its “Islamic” nuclear bomb, Taliban- and al-Qaeda-infested borderlands, dysfunctional cities, and feuding ethnic groups, Pakistan may well be the world’s most dangerous country, a nuclear Yugoslavia-in-the-making. One key to its fate is the future of Gwadar, a strategic port whose development will either unlock the riches of Central Asia, or plunge Pakistan into a savage, and potentially terminal, civil war..."
Development: Global Matters
New: Kabul's new elite live high on West's largesse 'Gilded cage' lifestyle reveals the ugly truth about foreign aid in Afghanistan, by Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, May 1, 2009