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August 12, 2009

Details regarding events in Balochistan on August 11, 2009 are provided by a reader from Quetta who summarized reports in dailyasaap.com for us. In addition to protests and celebrations in Balochistan, gatherings were held throughout Europe and in the Gulf states, as well.

From Quetta: The Baluch observed their independence day, despite strict measures by the Pakistani Occupation Forces [POF] designed to quell the celebrations. Independence Day celebrations were kicked off in Quetta by hoisting the Baluch flag at eleven in the morning, followed by singing of the national anthem, setting free birds as a symbol of freedom, and by releasing balloons in the the national colors. The national flag was also posted at Mount Chiltan's highest peak. The forces did take down the national flag raised at New Kahan Town and raised the Pakistani flag, but the Baluch youth were quick to lower the Pakistani flag and raised the national flag again. Events became interesting when POF members surrounded the Marri Tribal Council to take down the national flag posted there. The children of the Marri tribe pelted POF members with stones, forcing them to retreat. By dusk the POF had abducted eight Baluch men, two from Hazar Ganji and six from New Kahan. POF forces used tear gas and other tactics like a special twelve-man motorcycle patrol at the city's Northern Bypass, flagged motorcades driving through the city, distributing free Pakistani flags and baton charging to stop the celebrations.

In Kalat, Independence Day celebrations were observed at midnight, by aerial firing and distribution of sweets. In Khuzdar, the students at the Engineering University hoisted the national flag and celebrated by performing the traditional “Chaap”, the tribal dance performed on joyous occasions. At Mand, the celebrations started with aerial firing through the early morning hours. The flag was raised later on and the national anthem sung. The Baluch assembled and rallied through the town. One man was abducted by the POF Police.

In Naushkei, the celebrations were observed by the flag hoisting ceremony, followed by a rally. Similar celebrations took place in Dalbandin, Hub, Sibi, Kohlu, Mach, Karachi and Interior Sindh. According to Pakistani media fifty five people were abducted on August 11th, 2009. Meanwhile in Dera Bugti, there were fierce clashes between the Resistance and the POF, at Marwar Ilyasi and Gaudi. The Resistance reported that it inflicted heavy casualties on the POF, including shooting down one POF Helicopter. The helicopter crash landed in Sibi. In Mashkei, a POF truck fell prey to an IED and 15 POF members were reported dead.

His Highness the Khan, Khan Suleiman Daud, has announced the establishment of the Council for Independent Baluchistan. The Khan said that they are in contact with friendly states and they've been assured all possible help. Resistance Commander Brahmdagh Bugti, in a message to the Baluch, said that there will be no compromise on the Baluch Nation and he praised the courage and determination of the Baluch m en and women. Ms. Karima of the BSO appealed to women to join the Freedom movement. (sources: www.dailyasaap.com, printed from Quetta and Turbat)