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IX UNPO General Assembly
16-17 May 2008, Brussels , Belgium  

Member Resolution
introduced by:

We the peoples of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization General Assembly,

Condemn the unwarranted military operation against peaceful and secular Baloch people which has resulted in mass displacement, killings, disappearances, mass imprisonment and human rights violations in Balochistan;

Call upon the United Nations's, European Union's and United States Congress' Human Rights Committees to immediately inquire into the gross human rights violations and misuse of foreign weapons and military aid in Pakistan against Baloch people;

Call for a United Nations probe into the killings of monumental Baloch leaders including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Nawabzada Balach Marri;

Call for the halt further military and economic aid to the country until the settelement of the political crisis in Balochistan through the United Nations and European Union mediators;

Request the United Nations and European Union to declare Balochistan as a Nuclear and Missile-Free Zone and stop Pakistan and Iran from using Baloch soil as nuclear and missile developing and testing sites, thus stopping the intimidation of ethnic Baloch people from the immense militarization of the region;

Request the UN, EU and the international community including the Commonwealth nations and concerned organizations to take firm steps to pressure the Government of Pakistan to stop the practice of forced disappearances, release all victims and offer compensation;

Call for the immediate release of hundreds of political prisoners and end to the victimization of political activists and journalists;

Urge the UN to take urgent action to resettle hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people of the Balochistan districts of Dera Bugti and Kohlu, with the assistance of international donor agencies;

Request a thorough investigation into the misuse of U.S and European military aid provided to Pakistan in order to control and tackle Taliban and Al-Qaeda elements, currently being indiscriminately misused against the innocent Baloch population to pave the way for continued exploitation of Balochistan's resources.