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New blog: Lens on Balochistan, Aug 20, 2009
Baloch National Struggle has cracked the government: Brahumdagh Bugti, Aug 20, 2009, posted by balochwarna
Hasil Bizenjo against independent Balochistan, by Mumtaz Alvi, The News, Aug 19, 2009
From before: When the Horse Starts to Tire, April 27, 1977 The New York Times, pg. 23, Foreign Affairs, reposted by IntelliBriefs
Balochistan unrest spiralling out of control: report, Dawn.com, Aug 16, 2009
Baloch unrest could impede drive against Taliban, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 16, 2009
Four critical issues, by Kunwar Idris, Dawn.com, Aug 16, 2009
Balochistan CM faints during independence ceremony, Dawn.com, Aug 15, 2009; from before: Call for autonomy on the basis of 1940 resolution, by Saleem Shahid, May 6, 2009
Jinnah betrayed Baluch, says ex-speaker, by Ahmar Mustikhan, newsvine.com, Aug 15, 2009
FC cuts short Balochistan ‘I-Day’ celebrations, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 12, 2009: "... The celebrations had been organised on a call by Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood – who designated August 11 as “Balochistan independence day”, and said August 14 should be observed as a “black day”."
Pakistan piles on IMF debt, by Syed Fazl-e-Haider, atimes.com, Aug 11, 2009
Meeting Baloch demands can counter separatist movements’, Dailytimes.com.pk, Aug 11, 2009
Bodies of four kidnapped policemen found, by Saleem Shahid Monday, Dawn.com, Aug 11, 2009
Raisani calls for strict security measures, Dawn.com, Aug 10, 2009
Rallies in Balochistan against ‘operation’, Dawn.com, Aug 8, 2009
Baloch Republican Army frees seven kidnapped labourers, by Qurat ul ain Siddiqui, Dawn.com, Aug 6, 2009
Videos: in German: Balochistan, 2009; and IBNlive Face the Nation discussion in India over recent Sharm el-Sheikh statement
New on mining in Balochistan: Barrick Gold denying Baluch jobs; Lakhani role under question, by Ahmar Mustikhan, Aug 4, 2009 (interesting perspective from 2006 Gupshup forum)
'India is not helping the Baloch freedom struggle', rediff.com, Aug 4, 2009
Baramdagh Bugti acquitted in treason case, Dawn.com, Jul 29, 2009
Hullabaloo Over Balochistan, OutlookIndia.com, Jul 29, 2009: "...What would India gain by infiltrating this maelstrom? We would not even know where to begin or whom to support. It is for the Baloch and the Baloch alone to make their destiny and for Pakistan, not us, to ensure its integrity. No outside force, certainly not India, stands a chance of influencing the outcome. That is why the “dossier” allegedly given by Pakistan to Britain and the US several years ago has evoked only quiet sniggering. And that is perhaps the reason why India was given no dossier. India has neither interfered in Balochistan, nor should India ever do so.."
‘India has no dossier on Balochistan’: Pakistan, India need to build trust: Singh, by Iftikhar Gilani, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jul 30, 2009
Good news on Balochistan in a few weeks, says minister, By Raja Asghar, Dawn.com, Jul 24, 2009: There could be a ‘good news’ in two to four weeks about Balochistan as a result of secret ‘back-channel’ contacts, a minister told the Senate on Friday while ruling out talks with those seeking independence for the troubled province;
Comment: It's No Game, Times of India, Jul 24, 2009;
Baloch National Question Exposed To World Community for Debate, by Archen Baloch, balochunity.org, Jul 24, 2009
Dam breach renders 15,000 homeless in Balochistan, Dawn.com, Jul 24, 2009 By Saleem Shahid
articles by Karlos Zurutuza, http://www.gara.net/paperezkoa/20090618/142798/es/La/alargada/sombra/de/los/minaretes/dorados/de/Zahedan/ Photos from West and East Balochistan by Karlos Zurutuza
Note: The four articles below by Karlos Zurutuza were published in Spanish in June, 2009, by gara.net:

Islamabad should have attacked the Taliban in Pakistan a long time ago (trans. Daisann McLane);

East Baluchistan: The forgotten, endless war (trans. by Daisann McLane);

Other articles in Spanish:
Baluchistán: una guerra olvidada que no cesa; Otra jornada de lucha en Quetta, capital de Baluchistán; Islamabad tenía que haber atacado a los talibán en Pakistán hace mucho tiempo; La alargada sombra de los minaretes dorados de Zahedán, Gara.net, Jun 18-29, 2009
Inmates torch carpet factory in Machh jail, Dawn.com, Jul 24, 2009
Pakistan starts cashing in on Baloch blunder, Economic Times, India Times, Jul 23, 2009: "...The after-effects of the Indo-Pak joint statement continued to play out with Pakistan making the outrageous claim of RAW involvement in a number of terrorist strikes on Pakistani soil, including the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, and in fomenting trouble in Balochistan..."
Baluch leaders seek Indian intervention to end Pakistan’s state terrorism in Baluchistan, Pakistan Christian Post, Jul 22, 2009
Baloch leaders back Manmohan on Sharm el-Sheikh Declaration, by Praveen Swami, Jul 22, 2009
Baloch insurgents involved in target killings going underground: FC IG, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Malik Siraj Akbar Writes, Jul 21, 2009
Western disturbance, by Ashok MalikAshok Malik, Hindustan Times, Jul 19, 2009
Five agro-industrial parks for Balochista, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jul 19, 2009
46,000 acres reserved for tax-free zone at Gwadar, by Bari Baloch, The Nation, Jul 19, 2009
Balochistan bungle may prove costly, by Indrani Bagchi, Times of India, Jul 18, 2009
Govt to explore Balochistan's mineral resources: Wattoo, Dailytimes.com.pk, Jul 18, 2009; ‘Initiatives afoot to develop marble, granite sectors in Balochistan,’ By Razi Syed, Dailytimes.com.pk, Jul 18, 2009: "If these resources were properly utilised it would increase economic development of the country as a whole as well as development of the concerned areas, he added..." (from the editors: Let us hope that 'development of the concerned areas' is not just an afterthought, a carrot; one fears that only the first part of the statement will be realized.)
Website blocked as govt starts monitoring internet, By Mohammad Asghar, Jul 16, 2009: "...The government has started monitoring the internet to identify anti-state websites promoting ethnic hatred and terrorism and has detected one such website..." (from the editors: The article notes that balochunity.org "contained demands for an independent and sovereign Balochistan and rights of the Baloch people over their resources." Thebaluch.com points out that a demand for control over ones resources is not the equivalent of supporting terrorism.)
Buner & Swat: Plague Around the Corner?, by C.N. Anand, DesiCritics.org, Jul 15, 2009: "... It looks as though there will be no sowing of wheat in Buner and Swat this season. Once the rats consume the hoarded wheat over the next two or months, while multiplying at an exponential rate...They will invade towns like Mingora..."
Another Insurgency Gains in Pakistan, by Carlotta Gall, New York Times, Jul 11, 2009: "...Baluch nationalists and some Pakistani politicians say the Baluch conflict holds the potential to break the country apart — Baluchistan makes up a third of Pakistan's territory — unless the government urgently deals with years of pent up grievances and stays the hand of the military and security services..."
from before: In Remote Pakistan Province, A Civil War Festers,
Apr 2, 2006

pictured: Nawab Akbar Bugti, d. 2006
Quid Pro Quo: Pakistan offers US carrot: We'll broker talks for you with the Taliban; you give us the Baloch [presumably Brahmadah Bugti].

New: Official: Pakistan can help broker U.S.-Taliban talks, by Michael Ware, CNN, Jul 11, 2009, for full transcript of interview with Maj. Gen Abbass: "...take example of we have been informing the coalition that our situation in Baluchistan is a result of somebody working out of Kabul. We have informed them that this group is creating an uncertainty, an instability in Afghanistan and it is residing in Kabul..."
New: It Can't Happen Here, by Patrick Buchanan, The Post Chronicle, Jul 10, 2009: "... If one were to wager on new nations, Kurdistan and Baluchistan would be among the favorites. And Pashtun in Pakistan outnumber Pashtun in Afghanistan, though in the latter they are the majority..."
Khan of Kalat seeks US, EU help on Baluchistan, by Ahmar Mustikhan, NowPublic.com, Jul 10, 2009
Khan of Kalat: "Sixty years of broken promises has broken my faith completely in the sincerity of Islamabad."
I am determined to stand by my people, Khan of Kalat, by Murtaza Ali Shah, Balochunity.org, Jul 11, 2009
Government making efforts to bring back Khan of Kalat, by Mumtaz Alvi, The News, July 9, 2009
Mine kills five FC soldiers, hurts four in Balochistan, Dawn.com, Jul 9, 2009
Prepation of military operation in Balochistan underway: Rehan Marri, Balochwarna.org, Jul 8, 2009, reposted from BalochVoice.com
Call for creation of Pashtoon province, by Amanullah Kasi, Jul 1, 2009: "A protest rally organized by Pashtun Quami Tehreek in Quetta for a separate Pashtoon province to be carved out of Balochistan..."
Solutions needed, dawn.com, Jun 30, 2009
New: Mengal rules out compromise on rights, Dawn.com, Jun 29, 2009
Acclaim Technical Services is hiring native Baluchi speakers.
57 PAF officials arrested over links with terrorists, geo.tv., Jun 24, 2009
Modernity, by M. Sarjov, Jun 24, 2009
Balochistan's ghost schools, Dawn.com, editorial, Jun 20, 2009
Foreign investment in farming: some points to ponder, by Mahmood Hasan Khan, Jun 19, 2009
Akhtar Mengal wants UN as guarantor for talks with govt, by Amanullah Kasi, reposted at balochunity.org from Dawn.com, Jun 19, 2009
Two wounded in Quetta bomb blast, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 16, 2009: "... In the meantime, the women wing of Baloch Republican Army claimed the responsiblity of the blast..."; Baloch female militants bomb Quetta shop, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Dailytimes.com.pk, Jun 17, 2009
U.S. Arms Sales Bring Bloodshed, Bankruptcy to Pakistan, by Ahmar Mustikhan, American-Reporter.com, Jun 16, 2009
Balochistan to get 40pc share of US aid: Raisani, by Saleem Shahid, dawn.com, Jun 15, 2009
Once again, the disintegration of Pakistan re-sounding, by Hafeez H.A., Baloch National Armed Struggle, Source: DailyTawar, Jun 13, 2009
Balochistan: no short cuts, by I.A. Rehman, Dawn.com, Jun 11, 2009
New port, shipyard for Balochistan proposed, by Saleem Shahid, Jun 10, 2009
BNP Spokesman Sanaullah Baloch rejects APC, NowPublic.com, Jun 6, 2009
Audio: Interview with David Kilcullen, BBC News, June 5, 2009 (on modern war and the Accidental Guerrilla)
Concerto for Baluch by Iranian Composer to be performed June 11 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Payvand Iran News, Jun 3, 2009
Mysterious ‘chip' is CIA's latest weapon against al-Qaeda, TheNews.jang.com, Jun 2, 2009
Iran shuts its border with Pakistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 1, 2009
Jundullah a threat to Pak-Iran ties, gas pipeline, TheNews.Jang.com, Jun 1, 2009
Violence Continues in Iranian Balochistan, South Asia Analysis Group, by B. Raman, Jun 1, 1009; 130 Security Forces And Militias Killed In Baluchistan, by Reza Hossein Borr, Balochistan Peoples Party (BPP), May 29, 2009
Jundullah faces US terrorist title, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 31, 2009; Anti Iran Militia Faces Terrorist Designation, Balochistan Peoples Party (BPP), Farah Stockman, http://www.boston.com, May 31, 2009
Pipelineistan goes Iran-Pak, by Pepe Escobar, atimes.com, May 29, 2009

"...Islamabad has promised an all-parties conference "within days" to seriously deal with Balochistan. No one is holding their breath. Over a year ago, Balochistan was promised greater control over its immense natural resources - the undisputed, number-one Baloch grievance - and a massive aid package. Not much has happened.

Punjabis derisively refer to Balochistan's "backwardness". But the heart of the matter is systematic, hardcore pillage by Islamabad - combined with hardcore repression and serial Latin America-in-the-1970s-style "disappearances" of political activists and senior Baloch nationalists. Not to mention virtually no investment in health, education and job creation. This Third World dictatorship catalogue of disasters fuels Baloch nationalism and separatism...

For the moment, Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia win. The SCO wins. Washington and NATO lose, not to mention Afghanistan (no transit fees). But will Balochistan also win? If not, all hell will break loose, from desperate Balochis sabotaging IP to "foreign interference" manipulating them into creating an even greater, regional, ball of fire."
The Briefing Room, Statement by Press Sec. Robert Gibbs, Designation of Significant Foreign Narcotics Traffickers, May 29, 2009: On May 28, 2009, the President identified Daniel Rendon Herrera (Colombia), the Haji Juma Khan Organization (Afghanistan), Walid Makled Garcia (Venezuela), and Imam Bheel (Pakistan) as Significant Foreign Narcotics Traffickers as appropriate for sanctions under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (the "Kingpin Act").
'No evidence that India aiding Pak Baloch rebels', IndianExpress.com, May 27, 2009
Interview with Dr. Wahid Baloch - Making Sense of 'Balochistan', India Under Attack and Other Musings blog, May 25, 2009
Letter from London: Interview with Khan of Kalat Suleiman Daud Ahmadzai, by Wajahat Ali Khan, May 23, 2009
Iran extends its influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan, by Reza Hossein Borr, May 27, 2009: "In another agreement that was signed between Iran and Pakistan, president Ahmadinejad committed Iran to provide free electricity to the great and new Pakistani port of Gwadar which is located in Baluchistan. The Iranian port of Chabahar is considered to be a competitor of Gwadar and yet why Iran wants to grant free electricity to it, poses a mysterious question...When the American and European analysts predicted that Pakistan may collapse in the near future, the Islamic Republic of Iran transferred and deployed its Revolutionary Guard Corp at the borders of Pakistan. Some analysts believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran was planning to occupy the mine-rich Baluchistan and Gwadar port after the collapse of Pakistan..."
National Conference demands rights for Sindh, Balochistan, by Razzak Abro, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 25, 2009
U.S. appeals to China to help stabilize Pakistan, by Paul Richter, LATimes, May 25, 2009
Pakistan, Iran finally sign gas pipeline accord, Dawn.com, May 24, 2009
French tourist kidnapped in Balochistan: police, The Nation, May 23, 2009
Pakistan nukes threatens the world; Baluch meeting in DC, By Ahmar Mustikhan, Pakistan Christian Post, May 23, 2009
Aali elected new Bugti tribe chief, Malik Siraj Akbar Writes, May 20, 2009
BNF leaders rule out talks with government By Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, May 20, 2009
Balochistan decides to abolish Musharraf-era police system, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com, May 20, 2009
Take the War to the Drug Lords, Gretchen Peters, May 18, 2009
In a complete state of denial, by Murtaza Razvi, Dawn.com, May 12, 2009
Balochistan and the centre, editorial, Dawn.com, May 18, 2009
Gwadar likely to become Balochistan's winter capital, By Saleem Shahid, May 15, 2009
Resistance is the most effective way to achieve national liberation: Baloch Women Panel, balochwarna.org, May 15, 2009. BalochWarna has translated an interview with Baloch Women Panel's Central committee members Sajni Baloch and Mehr Jan Baloch who recently spoke with the daily Mashraq (an Urdu daily news paper)
Taliban-Style Justice Stirs Growing Anger, by Pamela Constable, Washington Post, May 10, 2009: "Islam is our identity and our system of life, but variety and choice are part of it. People should dress modestly, but women don't have to cover their faces and men don't have to grow long beards," said Khurshid Ahmad, an Islamic scholar and national legislator. "The Koran is very clear that there should be no coercion in religion. You cannot cram it down people's throats. This is where the Taliban destroyed their own case."
Hindu community opposes dam in Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, May 11, 2009
In Pakistan, 'Great Rage, Great Fear', by Pamela Constable and Hag Nawaz Khan, Washington Post, May 7, 2009: Refugees Fleeing Swat Valley Tell of Taliban Crimes, Abuses
We are victims of war on terror: Faiz, Hyarbyar, Dawn.com, May 7, 2009
We are victims of war on terror: Faiz, Hyarbyar, Dawn.com, May 7, 2009
Balochistan decides to abolish district govts, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 5, 2009
Baloch Warnings, Dawn.com, May 4, 2009

Baloch men and women should join struggle for liberation: Brahumdagh Bugti, Balochwarna, May 4, 2009
Munir Ladha in an interview to daily times said entire Pakistan depends on Sui gas, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 3, 2009
Akbar Bugti caused the explosion that led to his death, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 3, 2009
Pakistan’s Islamic Schools Fill Void, but Fuel Militancy, by Sabrina Tavernise, NYTimes.com, May 3, 2009
"Our struggle is the continuation of Nawab Nauroz Khan's struggle": Sardar Akhtar Khan and other Baloch leaders address audiences in Gwader, Pasni and Ormara, BalochWarna.org, May 3, 2009
Pakistan in Sharia Quagmire, by Sarla Handoo, Asian Tribune, May 1, 2009, posed at intellibriefs.blogspot.com with videos (orig. article)
Raise voice against terror state, Baloch leader's call, by Ahmar Mustikhan, May 1, 2009
Kabul's new elite live high on West's largesse 'Gilded cage' lifestyle reveals the ugly truth about foreign aid in Afghanistan, by Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, May 1, 2009
Release: Copyright Infringement by a Pakistani publisher could result in Tarbela Urao, May 1, 2009
Lashkari Raisani to quit PPP office, Senate, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Apr 27, 2009
Autonomous Balochistan...united Pakistan, by Tahir Hasan Khan, The News, April 26, 2009
Afghanistan and India behind BLA: Malik, Dawn.com, Apr 23, 2009: "The prime minister's adviser on interior affairs surprised the Senate on Wednesday when he directly accused Afghanistan and India of supporting the Baloch National Army's campaign for Balochistan's secession from Pakistan and also implicated the BLA in the kidnapping of UNHCR official John Solecki... Senators from Balochistan staged a walkout in protest against Mr Malik's statement..."
Senators call for prompt resolution of Balochistan issues, Dailytimes.com.pk, Apr 21, 2009: "Senators from both sides of the aisle on Monday urged the government to take prompt steps for resolution of Balochistan issue saying the country could otherwise face a possible disintegration..."
Call for UN probe into murder of Baloch leaders, Dawn.com, Apr 13, 2009
Pakistan sells its citizens down the river: Pakistan president signs off on Islamic law deal, by Asif Shahzad, Associated Press writer, Breitbart.com, Apr 13, 2009: "...The Taliban warned before the vote that lawmakers against the deal were guilty of apostasy, or abandoning Islam, which carries the death penalty in some parts of the Muslim world..."; " "The whole nation is united in its support of the Swat regulation and wants the president to approve it," Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said at the start of parliamentary debate Monday."
Rifts in PPP and the future of Balochistan coalition, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Malik Siraj Akbar Writes, Mar 30, 2009
Balochistan’s 222 missing found: Aslam Raisani, Dawn.com, Apr 2, 2009
Proposals for Balochistan autonomy prepared, Dawn.com, Mar 30, 2009
Baloch groups reject Zardari package, Dawn.com, Mar 28, 2009
Editorial: Addressing Baloch grievances, DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 28, 2009; letter to the editor, by Mah Rang Baloch, Quetta: "I was once again disappointed with your anti-Baloch editorial published on March 28..."
Pakistan intelligence agency elements must stop support for Taliban, al-Qaeda: US, Telegraph.co.uk, Mar 28, 2009
Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say, By MARK MAZZETTI and ERIC SCHMITT, NYTimes.com, Mar 25, 2009
U.S. Weighs Taliban Strike Into Pakistan, by David Sanger and Eric Schmitt, NYTimes.com, Mar 17, 2009
'Terror abroad' retrial ruled out, BBC News, Mar 10, 2009: "The CPS counter-terrorism division has carefully considered the evidence against Hyrbyair Marri in light of the jury's verdicts and decided that the case no longer meets the tests set out in the code for Crown prosecutors."
Fear of death stalks women in Swat, DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 8, 2009 (and in Mail&Guardian); Fear pervades the air, by Sadia Qasim Shah, Dawn.com, Mar 8, 2009
‘Govt accepts BLUF demands for John Solecki's release', DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 6, 2009;
Militants bomb ancient shrine in Pakistan, AP, MSNBC.com, Mar 5, 2009
Balochistan's worsening situation, by Ahmed Rashid, BBCNews, Mar 4, 2009
Idea of Afghan Women's Rights Starts Taking Hold, by Kirk Semple, NYTimes.com, Mar 3, 2009

Brahamdagh blamed for UN official's abduction, Dawn.com, Feb 27, 2009. No evidence offered. Brahumdagh denies allegations.

Bipartisan law & order committee to be set up, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Feb 27, 2009
Envoy tells UN Pakistan will do more for the Baloch, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 21, 2009: "...A UN panel on racial discrimination questioned Akram on Thursday about Pakistan's treatment of the Baloch..."
Secrecy and denial as Pakistan lets CIA use airbase to strike militants, Times Online, Feb 17, 2009: "... But The Times has discovered that the CIA has been using the Shamsi airfield — originally built by Arab sheikhs for falconry expeditions in the southwestern province of Baluchistan — for at least a year. The strip, which is about 30 miles from the Afghan border, allows US forces to launch a Drone within minutes of receiving actionable intelligence as well as allowing them to attack targets further afield..."
Balochistan problems, Dawn.com editorial, Feb 16, 2009 (posted at balochunity.org)
I'm first a Baloch, then a Pakistani: Rind, by Rauf Klasra, The News, Feb 15, 2009
Raisani gets green signal to disfranchise Gwadar settlers, The News, Feb 14, 2009
Pakistan grants exploration rights in Balochistan, SteelGuru.com, Feb 14, 2009
Hyarbyar gets partial relief from UK court, Dawn.com, Feb 12, 2009
Jan Jamali wants fair resolution of Balochistan problems, by Mumtaz Alvi, The News, Feb 12, 2009
Press Release: Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) condemns kidnapping of John Solecki, Feb 10, 2009
US hints at more focus on ‘Quetta shura': NYTimes, Dawn.com, Feb 10, 2009
Taliban Haven in Pakistani City Raises Fears, by Eric Schmitt, Mark Mazzetti, NYTimes.com, Feb 10, 2009
Ongoing coverage related to the kidnapping of UN official John Solecki, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk;
BLF claim kidnap of John Solecki
, AAJ TV Online, Feb 7, 2009; New Baloch group claims abducting UNHCR head, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 8, 2009; Baloch rebels claim kidnap of UN refugee official, Dawn.com, Feb 7, 2009
BLF claim kidnap of John Solecki, AAJ TV Online, Feb 7, 2009
Police ‘absolutely clueless' about UN official's abduction, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 4, 2009
Over dozen suspects being quizzed in Quetta, Dawn.com, Feb 4, 2009
Four killed at wedding party in Dera Bugti, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 4, 2009; Firing, attacks leave 14 dead in Balochistan, by Bari Baloch, Huffingtonpost.com, Feb 4, 2009
Whole Balochistan to be ‘A’ area by June, Feb 2, 2009, posted at balochunity.org;
Gunmen kidnap UN agency official in Quetta: Driver killed in ambush, Dawn.com, Feb 2, 2009
Balochistan’s Rs17.5bn overdraft waived, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jan 23, 2009
BRA kills four in Sui bombing, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes, Jan 15, 2009
Shaun Randol: Censor See, Censor Do, The World Policy Blog, Jan 17, 2009
BRA kills four in Sui bombing, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes, Jan 15, 2009
Thousands rally in Quetta over police killings, Dawn.com, Jan 14, 2009
Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells in Gaza: Amnesty warns Israel could be guilty of war crimes, by Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, Jan 21, 2009

'We are creating suicide bombers from the sons of the dead', by Chris McGreal, The Guardian, Jan 17, 2009: "...the [Israeli] military has preferred to pretend simply that dissenters don't exist - as hundreds of soldiers and reservists signed petitions refusing to enforce the occupation...; (repost)

UN headquarters in Gaza hit by Israeli 'white phosphorus' shells
, TimesOnline, Jan 15, 2009 (photographic evidence of American made white phosphorous shells); Grieving Over Gaza, Comment, by Anat Biletzki, TheNation.com, Jan 14, 2009; Virtually the Entire Dem-Controlled Congress Supports Israel's War Crimes in Gaza, by Stephen Zunes, AlterNet, Jan 13, 2009; Israelis Rain 'Phosphorous Bombs' Over Gaza, by Mel Frykberg, Inter Press Service, Jan 13, 2009; Israel testing nasty weapons in Gaza, claims Mads Gilbert, News.com.au, Jan 13, 2009
Tribesmen block NATO supply route at Chaman, Dawn.com, Jan 13, 2009
Balochistan cancels 63,000 acres land allotment to PAF, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jan 10, 2009: "...The cabinet has decided to use this land for agricultural purposes to benefit the local people of the area..."
Race to the death over Kashmir waters, by Haroon Mirani, atimes.com, Jan 13, 2009
Four killed in Dera Bugti land mine blast; Motorcycle bomb leaves one dead in Khuzdar, Dawn.com, Jan 9, 2009
Panetta Is Chosen as C.I.A. Chief, in a Surprise Step, by Mark Mazzetti and Carl Hulseny, NY Times, Jan 6, 2008. "Those who support torture may believe that we can abuse captives in certain select circumstances and still be true to our values,” he [Panetta] wrote in The Washington Monthly last year. “But that is a false compromise.” He also wrote: “We cannot and we must not use torture under any circumstances. We are better than that.”
End of ceasefire raises many an eyebrow, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jan 7, 2009: "...BLA spokesman says government did not respond positively to truce, Armed groups say they see no justification to end their operations..." (original)
Taliban consolidating grip on Quetta: Sanaullah Baloch, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jan 5, 2009
Editorial: Baloch protest against 'Talibanisation', DailyTimes.com.pk editorial, Jan 5, 2009
Middleman in the Middle East, by James Harkin, Financial Times, Jan 2, 2009: "Sometime in the late 1980s, a British embassy vehicle was inching its way through the mountains of Balochistan in Pakistan when angry tribesmen barred its path. The tribespeople were in dispute with the government over water rights and when they caught sight in the car of what they assumed was a British diplomat – who happened to be en route to a meeting with the district commissioner – they couldn't resist the idea of seizing him as a bargaining chip. Shortly afterwards the district commissioner's office took a call. “This is Alastair Crooke. I'm afraid I might be a little late,” he apologised. “I've been kidnapped.” The district commissioner sent 12 Pakistani troops to retrieve Crooke, but they found him in no hurry to leave. He was, he said, going to stay put until something had been done about the tribesmen's complaints..."
Alienation of the Baloch, by Murtaza Razvi, Dawn.com, Jan 3, 2009
2008 most violent year in a decade for Balochistan, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jan 3, 2009
16 injured in BRA attack on Quetta Express, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jan 3, 2009
205 officers and officials killed, hundreds wounded in Iran, by Reza Hossein Borr, Jan 1, 2009; Suicide attacker kills several Iranian troops, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Dec. 31, 2008; Iran closes border after suicide attack, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Dec. 30, 2008
Rights of Provinces, Dawn editorial, Dec 25, 2008: "...RESENTMENT grows when citizens of the state are denied the opportunity to benefit from the exploitation of local resources. Withholding this share in the collective pie does not serve the cause of harmony between the federating units as well as the centre and the provinces..."
Gwadar and the Baloch Cause, Dawn.com, Dec 24, 2008
Baloch parties for repatriation of Afghans, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Dec 22, 2008
Raisani says Gwadar port belongs to Baloch, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Dec. 22, 2008
Govt assures justice in Akbar Bugti case: Talal, by Iftikhar A. Khan, Dawn.com, Dec. 21, 2008: "...The Government has assured a trial of former President Pervez Musharraf for killing veteran Baluch leader Akbar Bugti in a controversial military operation...He demanded that military operation in Sui, Dera Bugti and Kohlu agency be immediately stopped and the role of intelligence agencies be eliminated..."
Gwadar Port becomes fully operational, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Dec. 21, 2008: "...The Balochistan Chief Minister, Nawab Aslam Raisani, while speaking on the occasion said, ‘Gwadar port is an asset of the Baloch people and we will neither allow anyone to occupy it, nor allow converting the Baloch majority into a minority in Gwadar.' He said that the agreement signed with a Singapore company would be reviewed and subsequently it would be amended if found necessary..."
Canada ‘not onboard' with U.S. plan to arm Afghan militias, by Murray Brewster, Globe and Mail, Dec 21, 2008
Ongoing: For excellent Dawn.com coverage of Balochistan
BRA assassinates two pro-government tribal leaders, Dec 14, 2008
US, UK backing Iranian rebels: state media, Dawn.com, reposted at balochunity.org, Dec 13, 2008
CM Raisani demands rectification of contracts, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Dec. 8, 2008
Pakistan follows its own path, by Syed Saleem Shahzad, Asia Times Online, Dec. 6, 2008: "... Now the US has given the names of four former ISI officials, including Gul, to the United Nations Security Council to put them on a list of international terrorists..."
Quetta women told to observe purdah, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Dec. 4, 2008
Militants in Pakistan destroy NATO trucks, by Jane Perlez, IHT, Dec. 8, 2008: "...the third major attack by Taliban militants on NATO supplies in Pakistan in less than a month.."; Peshawar slipping into chaos, DailyTimes.com.pk, Dec 8, 2008; More than 160 trucks destroyed, by Riaz Khan, Associated Press Writer, Dec. 7, 2008
Terrorist outlaws – or a group with friends in high places?, by Kim Sengupta, The Independent, Dec. 1, 2008
An Interrogator Speaks: I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq, By Matthew Alexander, WashingtonPost.com, Nov. 30, 2008
Nov. 27: Highly coordinated attacks in India: too early to determine which group is responsible:
Mumbai: Lessons for the Future
- International Terrorism Monitor-Paper No. 462 by B. Raman, Nov. 29, 2008;
195 killed in Mumbai attacks, Agence France-Presse, Nov. 29, 2008, reposted at The Raw Story;
Mumbai attacks: Are they British?
; Rediff.com's info on Lashkar-e-Tayiba; Group calls itself Deccan Mwjahideen: history of the Deccan Plateau; B Raman: Hindu anger vs Muslim anger, Nov 16, 2008

Photo: dawn.com
Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Raisani
Gwadar will remain a Baloch majority area
, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, 29 Nov, 2008
Royal Balochistan leader makes asylum case, Western Mail, Nov 29 2008
Balochistan sends missing persons' list to army, Interior Ministry, DailyTimes.com.pk, Nov 21, 2008
Security forces, militants clash in Dera Bugti, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Nov. 25, 2008
‘Armed resistance is the only way': Baloch leaders, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Thursday, 20 Nov, 2008
Baloch leader released after eight years, DailyTimes.com.pk, Nov 21, 2008
Multiple attacks by militants hit Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Nov 20, 2008
BLA attacks Kalat Scouts convoy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Nov 17, 2008; BLA claim killing security personnel, by Salim Shahid, Dawn.com, Nov 17, 2008
US supply line threatened by Pakistan truck halt, Nov 17, 2008
Forty per cent of NHA budget for Balochistan, by Bakhtawar Mian, Dawn.com, Nov 16, 2008
'Govt to probe Bugti killing if FIR mentions Musharraf', Dawn.com, Nov 12, 2008
Obama to Explore New Approach in Afghanistan War, by Karen DeYoung, Washington Post, Nov 11, 2008
Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated, by Gareth Porter, TheRawStory, Nov 10, 2008
Documents linking Iran to nuclear weapons push may have been fabricated, by Gareth Porter, TheRawStory, Nov 10, 2008
Pakistanis Mired in Brutal Battle to Oust Taliban, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah, NYTimes.com, Nov 10, 2008: "...'The enemy had a lot of advantage,' Colonel Baluch said. 'They knew the area completely. We were told we would meet foreign fighters and local fighters supporting them. The resistance unfolded differently.'..."
Obama's South Asia challenges, by Ahmed Rashid, BBCNews, Nov 10, 2008
Govt reveals six Pakistanis incarcerated at Gitmo, by Syed Irfan Raza, Dawn.com, Nov 11, 2008: "...Six Pakistani nationals are languishing in the Guantanamo Bay...According to the information provided to the National Assembly, so far only Ammar Al Baluchi is put up for trial by the US military commission...".
Conflict with Taliban good for Balochistan: Mengal, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Nov 11, 2008: "...BNP-M leader said that Balochistan issue was very simple ‘Give us authority on our resources and coast, wherein the centre should retain currency, foreign affairs and defense portfolios and remaining subjects should be transferred to the federating units, he added..."
Tension grips Lyari as BSO leaders Soyem held, by Shamim Bano, balochunity.org, Nov 5, 2008; BNP City Chief among Six Shot Dead in Karachi, by Rehan Siddiqui, Khaleej Times, Nov 3, 2008
Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI, The News, Nov 2, 2008
Rally in support of Baloch freedom fighters, at 'Quetta, Baloch, Balochistan and Others' blog, Nov 2, 2008
Zardari approves 3-R strategy for Balochistan, by Inamullah Khattak, Dawn.com, Oct 27, 2008; Editorial: A strategy for Balochistan, Editorial, DailyTimes.com.pk, Oct 27, 2008
Release, WASHINGTON DC: U.S. urged to help stop nuclear tests in Baluchistan, by Shehmir Gorgej, Oct 27, 2008
UN should hold Syria to account, An Open Letter to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the Hon. António Guterres, and to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Hon. Ban Ki-moon, (Word doc; download pdf)
Balochistan crying out for disaster strategy: experts, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Oct 11, 2008
In America: Is Posse Comitatus Dead? US Troops on US Streets, Democracy Now, Oct 7, 2008
Missing persons issue raised with Nawaz, by Ahmed Hassan, Dawn.com, Oct 11, 2008
Pakistan's role in regional strife: Why the Neo-Taliban is Winning, by Syed Saleem Shahzad, counterpunch.org, Oct 11-12, 2008; Taliban leader killed by SAS was Pakistan officer, by Christina Lamb in Kabul, Oct 12, 2008: "...British officials covered up evidence that a Taliban commander killed by special forces in Helmand last year was in fact a Pakistani military officer, according to highly placed Afghan officials..."
Comment: Exposing the Un-Democratic Face of Capitalism, by Noam Chomsky
Pakistani army soldiers killed and 7 injured in a landmine blast, balochwarna.org, Sep 30, 2008; For ongoing coverage of conflict see balochwarna.org and balochvoice.org
Press Release: Pashtuns want peace not war and support Joe Biden to pacify over 700 mudrassas in Pukhtunkwa!: PPF reminds the international community to consider the plea of Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden to take care of the over 700 mudrassas (religious schools). PPF propose that these madrassas should be converted to the ‘Bacha Khan Peace Schools' to avoid war and bring sustainable peace.
Pakistan Deploying Nuclear Weapons in Balochistan, By Archen Baloch, Sep 29, 2008
Balochistan govt drops 8 cases against Khair Baksh Marri, Sep 29, 2008 (orig. post)
Eleven injured in Quetta blasts, DailyTimes.com.pk, Sep 29, 2008: "...According to the shopkeepers, Lashkar-e-Islam had warned owners of music shops to close their businesses..."
FC-tribesmen clash leaves nine dead, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Sep 28, 2008: "...Fresh clashes between Baloch militants and security forces were reported 25 days after three Baloch militant organiations announced their joint unilateral ceasefire on Sept 1..."
In the USA: A bailout and a new world, by Pepe Escobar, atimes.com, Sep 26, 2008: "...Sarkozy described speculators as "the new terrorists". US Republicans of course call Sarkozy's plan socialism - as if the Ben Bernanke-Hank Paulson bailout scheme was not no-holds-barred socialism for the wealthy...[Morales] stressed there was not a single word of condemnation by the US of relentless right-wing terrorism in Bolivia, unlike all the nations of South America talking with one voice via UNASUR..."; Noam Chomsky's view, BBCNews.com, Sep 2008; Wasilla Watch: Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits, by Dorothy Samuels, NYTimes.com, Sep 25, 2008
Heavy Shelling in Zain-koh, Woman and infant killed. Many Injured, Abducted Livestock & Crops Destroyed, DailyTawar.com (orig. text), Sep 27, 2008
Pakistan and Iran make significant progress on gas pipeline, by Khalid Hasan, Sep 24, 2008 [Note: the pipeline will pass through Baloch land]
UN refugee agency seeks $17m for displaced Pakistanis, DailyTimes.com.pk, Sep 24, 2008
Bramdagh vows to continue armed struggle for rights, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Sep 23, 2008
In America: Hundreds of thousands of Democrats being removed from voting rolls: RFK Jr. "Votes are being stolen, now, by hundreds of thousands", Will be denied right to vote in Nov. election, interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., reposted at dailykos.com, Sep 23, 2008
On the American 'Stick-up': The Way Forward, by Stirling Newberg, Sep 21, 2008. On the financial coup d'etat. And: Wall Street bailout plan explained, universally reviled
At Least 40 Are Killed in Blast at Pakistan Hotel, by Carlotta Gall, NYTimes.com, Sep 20, 2008: "...A huge truck bomb exploded at the gateway of the five-star Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday evening, just a few hundred yards from the prime minister's house, where all the leaders of government were dining after the president's address to Parliament..."
Pakistan's 'bleakest moment', by Ahmed Rashid, BBCNews.com, Sep 19, 2008
CDA ignoring Balochs in appointments, balochunity.org, reposted from thepost.com.pk, Sep 19, 2008
Iranian general dies in clashes with rebels, Dawn.com, Sep 20, 2008
Women rights groups seek independent probe: Burying alive of women in Balochistan, Sher Baz Khan, Dawn.com, Sep 19, 2008
Pakistan army is rogue, terrorist, by Ahmar Mustikhan, Sep 17, 2008
US revokes visa for Amina Janjua: "...The United States has revoked the travel visa of a Pakistani human rights defender ahead of her trip to Washington, human rights group Amnesty International said Saturday...", DailyTimes.com.pk, Sep 15, 2008
UK-based Baloch Human Rights Council has written a letter to the newly elected president of Pakistan Asif Zardari (right click to download Word doc);
NP leader calls for dialogue on Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Sep 15, 2008
Peace For Who?, by Che Mureed Baloch, balochunity.org, Sep 11, 2008
Tehran targets journalists: The Iranian authorities are cracking down on media freedom, especially reporters who dare to cover the persecution of ethnic minorities, by Peter Tatchell, The Guardian Comment, Sep 11, 2008. (You can help save Iran's jailed journalists. Email your appeals to addresses in article.)
IDEAS - Magazine of Pashtun Peace Forum, Canada - September/October, 2008 - Vol. 1, No. 3 (right-click to download magazine)
Interview: Afghanistan's intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh, age 36, IntelliBriefs.com, Sep 14, 2008
US, Pakistan blamed for failure to help British prosecutors: Plot to blow up airliners, Dawn.com, Sep 10, 2008
Pakistan: Persecution of Minority Ahmadiyya Muslims, intellibriefs.blogspot.com, Sep 10, 2008;
American Physician Murdered in Pakistan, intellibriefs.blogspot.com, Sep 15, 2008: Murder follows hate program targeting Ahmadi Muslims on GEO TV 'Aalim Online'
PAF jets in flights over North Waziristan, Dawn.com, Sep 14, 2008
HEC overlooks Baloch students for scholarships, BalochUnity.org, Sep 10, 2008: "...It was informed during Question Hour in the National Assembly that no scholarship has been awarded to a Balochistan's student since 2006..."; from before: World Bank mission assesses Balochistan education support programme, May 2008: "... eight of the ten most deprived districts in Pakistan are located in Balochistan. While there has been some improvement in the enrolment rates in recent years, Balochistan continues to lag behind other provinces in education service delivery.."; Balochistan students protest against admission policy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Malik Siraj Akbar writes, Jul 18, 2008
Political prisoners to be freed, Dawn.com, Sep 7, 2008: "... The provincial government has decided to release all political prisoners and drop cases against Bugti tribesmen languishing in different jails in Balochistan..."
Editorial: Baloch ceasefire is welcome,(and here), DailyTimes.com.pk, Sep 5, 2008
Ground assault by US-led forces: Women, children among 20 killed in Waziristan, Dawn.com, Sep 4, 2008
BLA, BRA, BLF announce cease-fire, AAJ TV Online, Sep 2, 2008: "...Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Balochistan Republican Army (BRA), and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) announced cease-fire for indefinite period, Aaj TV reported..."
Minister hails Balochistan militants’ move, Dawn.com, Sep 4, 2008
Frontier Corps comes under fire in Balochistan Assembly, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 31, 2008
Balochistan Demands Share for IPI Gas Transit, Fars News Agency, Aug 30, 2008
Dutch sabotage agent recalled from Iran over “impending” US attack - report, Debka.com, Aug 30, 2008
Sindh CM in Quetta for Asif's campaign, Dawn.com, Aug 30, 2008
Pakistani city of Peshawar could fall to Taliban as fear and attacks grow, by Nick Meo, Daily Telegraph, Aug 30, 2008
Most FC posts in Balochistan to be abolished: Baloch leaders to be released, cases to be withdrawn, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Aug 29, 2008
BHRC strongly condemns the Killing of unarmed Baloch civilians in Turbat By Pakistani security forces, BalochWarna.org, Aug 28, 2008
Over 1,100 people missing in Balochistan, says Malik, by Saleem Shahid & Syed Irfan Raza, Dawn.com, Aug 28, 2008
Bombing at Baluchistan rally, Al Jazeera, Aug 26, 2008
Balochistan senators warn of country's disintegration, Dawn.com, Aug 26, 2008
Release: New group formed to unite Baluch diaspora, By Ahmar Mustikhan, Aug 23, 2008
Balochistan simmers, Dawn.com, Aug 22, 2008
London: Baloch diaspora to form HR body in London, Aug 21, 2008, dawn.com, Aug 22, 2008
Confirmed: Nicholas Schmidle is safe: Aug 21, 2008; American journalist missing in Karachi, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 21, 2008
Governor Magsi resigns, Dawn.com, Aug 21, 2008
BNP-M links talks with halt to army operation, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Aug 20, 2008
Baloch militants kill five govt officials: police, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 20, 2008; Bodies of five kidnapped govt employees found, by Salim Shahid, Dawn.com, Aug 20, 2008
Balochistan to be consulted over IPI gasline, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 19, 2008
Bugti's son wants murder case lodged, by Salim Shahid, Dawn.com, Aug 19, 2008
Six pro-govt tribesmen killed in Dera Bugti, Dawn.com, Aug 15, 2008
Raisani blames use of brute force for unrest, Dawn.com, Aug 15, 2008
New al-Qaeda focus on NATO supplies, by Syed Saleem Shahzad, atimes.com, Aug 12, 2008: From this teeming financial center [Karachi], 80% of the goods go to Torkham in Khyber Agency on their way to the Afghan capital of Kabul. About 10% go to Chaman, then on to the northern Afghan city of Kandahar... Several al-Qaeda cells have apparently been activated in Karachi to monitor the movement of NATO supply convoys.
Balochistan coalition readies draft resolution against Musharraf, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Aug 12, 2008
Gloom sets over Gwadar? by Zed Aye, BalochUnity.com, Aug 8, 2008
Explosions destroy police station's arsenal in Quetta, Dawn.com, Aug 11, 2008
Charges should include killing of Bugti, Balaach', Dawn.com, Aug. 11, 2008; Balochistan militants urged to join talks, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Aug 11, 2008
Government to form committee to resolve Balochistan issues, DailyTimes.com.pk, Aug 9, 2008
Girls' school set on fire in Quetta, DailyTimes, Aug 4, 2008: "...It is the first time that a girls' school has come under attack in the city. No group has so far claimed responsibility..."; Fighters killed in Pakistan clash, Al Jazeera, Aug 2: "...Five girls' schools [in Swatt] were set on fire early on Sunday morning in the latest assault..."
Balkanization to rid world of ISI threats, by Ahmar Mustikhan, Pakistan Christian Post, Aug 4, 2008
Phosphorous bombs allegedly used in Baluchistan, by Shehmir Gorgej, Aug 2nd, 2008
Pakistanis Aided Attack in Kabul, U.S. Officials Say, by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, NY Times, Aug 1, 2008
CIA outlines Pakistan links with militants, by Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt, IHT, Jul 30, 2008
Pakistan's Prime Minister U.S. Debut Is A Rocky One, by Ahmar Mustikhan, American Reporter, Jul 28, 2008
Baluchistan worse than Darfur, ICC at Hague told, Jul 29, 2008: "Two Baluch organizations have approached the International Criminal Court at the Hague and appealed to it to bring the Pakistan army generals to justice for the on-going ethnic cleansing in Baluchistan..."
Balochistan told to trace missing people, by Nasir Iqbal, Dawn.com, Jul 26, 2008
Pak accuses India of supporting Baloch nationalists, ZeeNews.com, Jul 25, 2008: "... Pakistan has accused New Delhi of supporting Baloch nationalists demanding greater autonomy in the resources-rich southwestern Balochistan province..."
Don't mention the Afghan–Pakistan war, by Fraser Nelson, Jul 23, 2008: Weapons, men and suicide bombers are flooding in from Pakistan every day. Like it or not, war is being waged on Afghanistan from Pakistan.
150MW power station for Balochistan soon: Wapda chairman, Dawn.com, Jul 27, 2008
Anti-democratic forces active in Balochistan, says PPP leader, Dawn.com, Jul 27, 2008
15 killed in Dera Bugti clashes, Dawn.com, Jul 27, 2008; Two security men killed in Balochistan, Jul 27, 2008
Pakistan responsible for killing, says Khan of Kalat: LONDON, JULY 17: The De Jure Ruler of Baluchistan, the Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Ahmedzai, has blamed the Pakistani establishment for killing his close relative at his hometown of Kalat on Tuesday in the smokescreen of aerial firing...(photos from graveside)
Baloch students on hunger strike: Three students' conditions worsen...Balochistan students protest against admission policy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Jul 18, 2008: "...The students, led by Qambar Baloch and joined by pupils from other educational institutions, are demanding that the admission policy at BUITMS should be reviewed and the merit system be devolved at district level. Currently, 70 percent merit-based seats are fixed for the entire province, but the Baloch students argue that the largest beneficiaries of such a system are the non-Baloch students living in the urban parts of the province. They are demanding that admissions should be granted on a district-based merit system..."
(click for more pictures)

BUITMS students for change in admission policy, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Jul 13, 2008
Powerful blast hits football stadium, Dawn.com, Jul 25, 2008
Call to revive USAID for Baluchistan, by Shehmir Gorgej, Jul 25, 2008
Brahamdagh Bugti speaks, The Frontier Post, Jul 24, 2008
Heavy fighting continues in Dera Bugti, various reports, July 22, 2008; Balochistan fighting kills many, BBC News, Jul 21, 2008: "...Armed nationalist rebels have targeted natural gas installations in the Dera Bugti area for several years. They want greater autonomy and local control over Balochistan's resources such as oil and gas..."

Militant toll rises to 33, nine FC personnel killed, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Dailytimes.com.pk, Jul 21, 2008

Fighting Flares In Pakistan's Baluchistan; 43 Killed, Reuters, Jul 20, 2008

Six security personnel, 24 militants killed in Uch clashes, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jul 21, 2008

Pakistani Forces have launched a new offensive against the Baluch Resistance Fighters (full release)
A word of caution: United States of America (Press Release) July 22, 2008 -- WASHINGTON DC: A word of caution has been sent out to U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice to take extreme care when she meets Pakistan's Premier Yusuf Raza Gilani one-on-one next week...
Makran notable joins Baluch-U.S. friendship body, by Ahmar Mustikhan, Jul 22, 2008
FC man, 10 militants killed in Sui clash, DailyTimes.com.pk, July 20, 2008; 7 militants killed in clash with security men in Dera Bugti, Dawn.com, Jul 20, 2008
Press Release: Baluch hail Kabul probe of nuclear dump, WASHINGTON DC, JULY 17: The American Friends of Baluchistan has welcomed the move of President Hamid Karzai to investigate Pakistan alleged dumping of nuclear waste in southern Afghanistan and has hoped the international community will bring Pakistan's military generals to justice for their crimes.
Baloch elders' help sought for oil, gas exploration, The Nation, Jul 11, 2008
U.S. Senator Casey urged to help Baluch case (full article) WASHINGTON D.C., Jul 9, 2008: "We have heard enough of this nonsense called Pakistan," a Baluch journalist Ahmar Mustikhan urged U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and requested the U.S. political leadership and government to hold direct talks with the Baluch leadership...
Press Release: WASHINGTON DC, July 8: Two U.S.-based Baluch groups have squarely blamed Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence for the bomb blast in Kabul Monday (full press release)
Balochistan on foreign investors' radar screen, by Sabihuddin Ghausi, Dawn.com, Jun 30, 2008
Gold exploration project to transform Balochistan, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jun 28, 2008; For details on Barrick Gold's (partner in this joint venture with Antofagasta of Chile) environmental track record in other communities, visit: http://protestbarrick.net/:
Series of blasts terrorises, mystifies Karachi, by Tahir Siddiqui, Dawn.com, Jul 8, 2008
I deliberately kept quiet, says Musharraf, by Shamim-ur-Rahman, Dawn.com
Girl killed, 13 injured in Quetta blast, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jul 5, 2008; Four hurt in attack on British TV team, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jul 4, 2008
Raisani for action against criminals, Dawn.com, Jul 4, 2008
Iran tells Pakistan to join hands against Baloch, Jul 3, 2008
US has the authority to hit Al Qaeda leaders in Pakistan, says Mullen, Dawn.com, Jul 3, 2008
Preparing the Battlefield, by Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker, July 7, 2008
Balochistan Assembly votes to protect historic Hindu temple and fragile eco-system of Hingol National Park: Balochistan Assembly rejects Hingol dam, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 29, 2008
Thinkers want full autonomy for Sindh, Dawn.com, Jun 29, 2008
Press Release, Jun 28, 2008: WASHINGTON DC: A Baluch journalist and founder of the American Friends of Baluchistan, whose family had known the Advanis in Karachi prior to partition, has urged former Indian deputy prime minister Sree L.K. Advani to stop the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline until such time the Baluch get their right to self determination. (see full release)
Taliban threaten major Pakistani city, by Jane Perlez and Pir Zubair Shah, IHT, Jun 28, 2008
Balochistan Assembly wants details of foreign mining contracts, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jun 27, 2008
Balochistan govt offers Rs 21m for information on murders, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Dailytimes.com.pk: "The Balochistan government is clueless as to the murders of 32 people, including 18 personnel of the Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps (FC) and the police who have been target-killed by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in 21 violent incidents in the past four months..."
Press Release: A.Q. Khan's threat to ground Tel Aviv condemned, WASHINGTON DC, Jun 27, 2008: Two U.S.-based Baluch organizations have jointly condemnded a statement of the founder of Islamic bomb and nuclear terrorist, A.Q. Khan.
Taleban 'siege' of Peshawar threatens Pakistan's grip, by Zahid Hussain, Times Online, Jun 26, 2008
Pakistan placed among dysfunctional states, Dawn.com, Jun 25, 2008
Leadership Void Seen in Pakistan, Carlotta Gall, New York Times, Jun 24, 2008
A prophetic voice on Taliban calls out again, by Jane Perlez, International Herald Tribune, Jun 20, 2008
Balochistan 2008-09 budget: Body formed to help Balochistan present budget, by ZAHEER ABBASI, Business Recorder, Jun 18, 2008
Centre coughs up Rs3bn after Balochistan agony, Dawn.com, June 18, 2008; Balochistan may seek independence without autonomy, says Jamali, Jun 18, 2008, DailyTimes.com.pk
16 top security guards were captured by Baloch fighters, by Reza Hossein Borr, June 17, 2008
Flood of lawyers, political activists pummels capital, by Nasir Iqbal, Syed Irfan Raza, Munawer Azeem, Muddassir Raja and Sher Baz Khan, Dawn.com, Jun 14, 2008
Militants kidnap 28 Iranian border guards, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 14, 2008
Rehabilitating Pakistan's Nuke Man?, Jun 3, 2008; from before: The Merchant of Menace, by BILL POWELL; TIM MCGIRK, Time.com, Feb 5, 2006
Militants kidnap 28 Iranian border guards, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 14, 2008
Pakistan Lawyers in Huge Protest March, by Pir Zubair Shah and Carlotta Gall, New York Times, Jun 11, 2008
The Baloch and the state: conflict of perceptions, by Alizeh Haider, Jun 10, 2008 reposted at balochunity.org, original at jang
Mengal receives rousing welcome, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Jun 10, 2008
Mengal calls for scrapping international agreements, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Jun 9, 2008
PPP package will deepen judicial crisis: HRCP, by Issam Ahmed, Dawn.com, Jun 8, 2008
Balochistan lawyers to join march in Sukkur, Dawn.com, Jun 8, 2008
Mengal wants military operation halted, Dawn.com, Jun 8, 2008
Senate stunned as Sanaullah announces resignation, by Ahmed Hassan, Dawn.com, Jun 7, 2008: "...The upper house was stunned on Friday when Balochistan National Party (Mengal) Senator Sanaullah Baloch suddenly announced his resignation from the house in accordance with what he called his party's policy.
Govt must seek UN help for displaced people: HRCP, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 7, 2008
Don't turn Balochistan into Bangladesh, by Mohammad Malick, TheNews.com.pk, Jun 7, 2008
Govt apologises for military operations in Balochistan, by Irfan Ghauri, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jun 7, 2008
Give up your arms Lyari, urges Mengal, By Amar Guriro, DailyTimes.com.pk, Jun 2, 2008
Redeployment of FC under study in Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Jun 2, 2008
Financing education and beyond, by Dr Shahid Siddiqui, Dawn.com, Jun 2, 2008
Mengal sets terms for reconciliation talks, Aaj TV Online - Pakistan Ki Awaz, Jun 1, 2008
Bramdagh refuses to hold talks with govt, Dawn.com, May 31, 2008
BLA kills six youths playing cricket in Quetta, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 31, 2008: "...Separately, talking to reporters after visiting the injured boys, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani said he would quit if his government remained unable to resolve the situation in the province. He claimed the BLA was not responsible and he would bring the real culprits to justice..."
Six youths shot dead in Quetta, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 31, 2008
Bugti's grandson says armed struggle only solution for Baloch, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 31, 2008: Brahamdag Bugti says govt has failed to improve law and order: "...The only way to rid the Baloch of the injustices being perpetrated against them by the military is by joining the armed struggle against the government, guerrilla commander Nawabzada Brahamdag Bugti said on Friday..." (original article)

Aaj TV Nawab Bugti interview: Host: Talat Hussain Guest: Brahmdagh Bugti on Phone from an unknown location, May 2, 2008
From Diaries of a Concerned Pakistani: Baluchistan, as I saw it!
HRCP demands release of Baloch human rights activists, Dailytimes.com.pk, May 30, 2008
Fierce clashes in Dera Bugti, Kohlu, by Salim Shahid, Dawn.com, May 29, 2008;

Victims of clashes: Graphic photos of civilians reportedly slain by the Pakistani army in PatFeeder area near Sui.
Baloch organizations are inviting journalists and human rights activists to these areas to investigate reports.
1,100 Baloch still missing: Akhtar Mengal, KhaleejTimes.com, May 29, 2008: "...Baloch nationalist leader Akhtar Mengal has said that 1,100 people belonging to various regions of Balochistan are still missing and no one knew about their whereabouts except intelligence agencies..."
Nationalists observe 'black day' in Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 29, 2008
May 28 Rally: Baloch Rally Against Islamic Nukes, by Amar Mustikhan, WASHINGTON DC: Peace activists from occupied Baluchistan will join hands with their counterparts across the world to mark the 10th anniversary of Pakistan testing its deadly Islamic Bomb in occupied Baluchistan on May 28. The protests will be held in Washington, DC; Toronto, Canada; Oslo, Norwayand Stockholm, Sweden, besides cities within Pakistan.
JWP (Bramdagh) renamed as BRP, Dawn.com, May 26, 2008: "...Militant leader Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti would be chief organiser of the BRP...According to the statement, the BRP would be struggling for restoration of the Baloch state to protect the coast and resources of the Baloch land..."
Bodies formed to resolve tribal feuds in Balochistan, Dawn.com, May 26, 2008
Pakistan may hand over Jundullah men to Iran, by Khalid Hasan, DailytTimes.com.pk, May 25, 2008
Bugti's grandson Shahzain freed, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, May 24, 2008; I was inquired about links with RAW, says Zain Bugti, balochunity.org, May 24, 2008; (from before on Nawab Bugti's assassination: Nawab Bugti's Assassination: Future Portents, Strategic Analysis, Sep 2006
Bugti rejects talks offer, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 19, 2008 (BBC Urdu interview)
Raisani stresses ceasefire from both sides, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 20, 2008
CNG: a rare commodity in Balochistan, Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 20, 2008
Balochistan Assembly demands CPA membership, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 17, 2008
Flour crisis worsens in Balochistan, Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 17, 2008
Gwadar project to enslave Balochs, May 17, The Post, 2008: "... Baloch Nationalist leader Sardar Attaullah Khan Mengal said for development in the country we need to become owners of our national resources instead of privatisation..."
Rockets fired at factory, Dawn.com, May 17, 2008
Embezzlement probe in Balochistan, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, May 16, 2008
Balochistan Assembly demands CPA membership, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 17, 2008
Balochistan bar assails PPP stance on judiciary, by Amanullah Kasi, May 14, 2008
BLA warns people to quit security forces, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 14, 2008
U.S. presidential hopefuls asked to talk to Baluch leaders, May 13, 2008
Constable gunned down in Quetta attack, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 14, 2008
Revealed: torture centre linked to MI5, by Ian Cobain, The Guardian, May 12, 2008
Political Foe of Musharraf Is Released in Pakistan, by Salman Masood, NYTimes.com, May 10, 2008: "...Western officials also feared that military and paramilitary forces were being diverted to Baluchistan instead of being used to fight the buildup of militants from the Taliban and Al Qaeda elsewhere in the tribal areas of the North-West Frontier Province..."
Balochistan to join talks on IPI gas pipeline, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 12, 2008: "...Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had assured the province that it would be represented in every meeting of the IPI gas project as one of the stakeholders..."
US intensifies its control over Pakistan's new civilian government, by Waseem Shehzad, Media Monitors, May 11, 2008
Four killed, more than 80 arrested in Sui search operation, balochunity.org, May 11, 1008
Two killed, 50 arrested in Sui search operation, by Azizullah Khan, ThePost.com.pk, May 10, 2008: "... Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Balochistan Governor Nawab Zulfikar Magsi and Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raeesani were briefed by the military high-ups regarding the Balochistan operation. The government has not yet stated any thing about the operation..."
Four killed in military operation in Dera Bugti, Dawn.com, May 10, 2008; Two militants killed, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 10, 2008
Cop gets bail in Rashid Rauf case, Dailytimes.com.pk, May 7, 2008
Mengal release likely within 24 hours
DailyTimes.com.pk, May 9, 2008
US trains Pakistani killing machine, by Syed Saleem Shahzad, atimes.com, May 8, 2008
Iran's wild east is on the boil, by Amir Taheri, Special to Gulf News, May 7, 2008
2 cops among 4 killed in Quetta, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 8, 2008
Brahamdagh's JWP sets tough terms for talks, Dawn.com, May 6, 2008: "...He denied reports about withdrawal of security forces from Dera Bugti and Nawab Bugti's home..."
Committee set up to trace missing people: Awan, Dawn.com, May 5, 2008
PAF plan to take over land causes furore in Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 4, 2008: Pakistan Air Force is seeking possession of 70,000 acres of land along the Coastal Highway in the Lasbela district of Balochistan for establishing its new weapons testing and firing range...Officials said the previous Balochistan government had allotted the land to the defence ministry at a throwaway price of Rs600 an acre.
FC troops withdrawing from Gwadar, Quetta, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 5, 2008; KARACHI: Balochistan operation still on, says NP, by Latif Baloch, Dawn.com, May 4, 2008
Explosions rock Quetta, Dawn.com, May 4, 2008
PM: military operation in Balochistan stopped by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, May 3, 2008
VIEW: How to succeed and fail in FATA, by Ahmed Rashid, DailyTimes.com.pk, May 2, 2008
BHC acquits Akhtar Mengal, Habib Jalib in treason cases, Associated Press of Pakistan, May 2, 2008
Balochistan: still waiting, May 1, 2008
Delegation tasked to start groundwork for Balochistan all parties conference, by Ahmed Hassan, dawn.com, May 1, 2008
Pakistan's Planned Accord With Militants Alarms U.S., by Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti, Apr 30, 2008, NYTimes.com
Al Qaeda's HQ in tribal areas, claims Europol, by Arshad Sharif, Dawn.com, Apr 29, 2008: A damning report by the European Police Office puts Pakistan in the spotlight, pointing an accusing finger at the tribal areas as the “command and control centre” for Al Qaeda's “remaining core leadership” planning attacks in the EU...; read full report
Pakistan's financial aid to Taliban, Apr 29, 2008, BBC Urdu, Summary in English
Way cleared for gas pipeline accord: Foreign ministers to decide signing date, by Baqir Sajjad Syed, Dawn.com, Apr 29, 2008
Baloch leader urges halt to ‘vindictive' activities, by Latif Baloch, Dawn.com, Apr 28, 2008: interview with Baloch Rabita Ittefaq Tehrik chief Prince Mohyuddin Baloch
From Dawn and DailyTimes: Editorial: How can TAPI and IPI save Pakistan?, balochunity.org, reprinted from dailytimes.com.pk, Apr 26, 2008; Security risks to gas pipelines, by Afshan Subohi, Dawn.com, Apr 21, 2008
Gas pipeline blown up in Sui, by Daily Times Monitor, Dailytimes.com.pk, Apr 25, 2008: The Baloch Republican Army (BRA), a banned militant outfit, has claimed responsibility for the incident...Militants in Balochistan often blow up the gas pipeline and electricity poles to press the government for their demands – from seeking royalties for the region's gas supply to getting share in government jobs.
Editorial: The fate of APC on Balochistan, DailyTimes.com.pk, Apr 24, 2008
Mengal wondering about remaining Karachi case, Balochunity.org, Apr 23, 2004
Top varsity official gunned down in Quetta, by Saleem Shahid, dawn.com, Apr 22, 2008
Mengal wondering about remaining Karachi case, Balochunity.org, Apr 23, 2004
Balochistan peace drive to include all political forces, DailyTimes.com.pk, Apr 24, 2008
Let them eat mud: No end in sight to the rebellion, The Economist, Apr 17, 2008
Kin of the missing knock at another door for redress: Delegation sees Nawaz, by Amjad Mahmood Dawn.com, Feb 3, 2008
Speakers demand committee to sort out issue of missing persons, by Ahsan Mansoor, Pakistan-Tehreek-Insaf.com, Apr 18, 2008
Baloch will not allow IPI gas pipeline project, balochunity.org (original article), Apr 12, 2008
Arrest of Mengal, political workers | Balochistan grinds to a halt, by Azizullah Khan, The Post, Apr 12, 2008
April 11, 2008: Sources report Faiz Muhammad Baloch has been granted bail in London and is to be released next week. No further details available yet. Herbiyar Marri had been granted conditional bail.
BLA rejects govt's offer for talks, Dawn.com, Apr 10, 2008

Aslam Raisani: a profile, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn.com, Apr 10, 2008
Mountain fighters not terrorists, says Raisani, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Apr 10, 2008
Assembly seeks probe into BB, Bugti killings: Call for ending military operation in Balochistan, Dawn, Apr 8, 2008: After taking oath on Monday, members of the Balochistan assembly unanimously demanded that the federal government should approach the United Nations to investigate the killings of Benazir Bhutto, Nawab Akbar Bugti and Nawabzada Balaach Marri...
Dialogue process in Balochistan initiated: Magsi: Govt should announce ceasefire: Raisani, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn, Apr 7, 2008
Three FC men among eight killed in clash, by Saleem Shahid, dawn.com, Apr 6, 2008; 8 die in shootout between militants, security forces, DailyTimes, Apr 6, 2008.

(Sources variously report the operation was launched against Jundallah, a group of militants headed by Abdul Malik Reki from Iran, smugglers, or Baloch freedom fighters.)

Apr 6, 2008 in Balochistan: Balochistan: Five FC men killed 9 other seriously injured, balochunity.org
BNP protests ‘political victimisation', balochunity.org, Apr 4, 2008
Talks will be held with all Baloch groups: Dawn.com, Apr 3, 2008: Nawab Raisani said he had been assured by PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari that the federal government would fully cooperate with the PPP-led coalition government in Balochistan in releasing political activists and ending the military operation.
Nominated candidate for Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani arrives at Liaquat National Hospital to inquire about the health of Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Mar 30, 2008, Online Photo by Hussain Jan; Raisani meets Mengals in bid to win support, by Jan Khaskheli, The International News, Apr 1, 2008
Balochistan PA session sought by April 1, by Saleem Shahid, dawn.com, Mar 29, 2008
Call to end operation in Balochistan, dawn.com, Mar 31, 2008: The Balochistan Action Committee (UK) and the World Sindhi Congress held a two-hour protest rally in front of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's official residence 10 Downing Street against what they claimed to be the “forcible and illegal annexation of Balochistan.”...
Mar 28, 2008 in Balochistan: Quetta railway track blown up, AAJ News; Head constable shot dead, dawn.com, Mar 28, 2008, Gas pipeline blown up, dawn.com; Two IB men trailing Al Qaeda shot dead, dawn.com
Baloch Foreign Policy, by Khan Jan Baloch, balochunity.org, Mar 27, 2008
Pakistan on UK rights watch-list, dawn.com, Mar 26, 2008
72pc people in rural Balochistan without sanitation: minister, by Saleem Shahid, dawn.com, Mar 26, 2008
Call to release Mengal, other nationalist leaders, dawn.com, Mar 26, 2008
Cool Reception for Envoys in Pakistan, by Salman Masood, NY Times, Mar 26, 2008:
Mr. Nawaz Sharif tells American diplomats, “...that situation has changed now. There is no more one-man show. Parliament has come into being, and the Parliament will decide all policies. No individual today can give a commitment on anything.”
Footloose: From Gedrosia to Makran, (the territory of modern Balochistan) by Salman Rashid, dailytimes.com.pk, Mar 20, 2008;
Gedrosia of Past Times, Today´s Tyrannized Baluchistan, by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis; Land of Magic, by Aftab Ahmed Baloch, balochunity.org, Mar, 2008
Raisani set to be elected unopposed, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 23, 2008; Raisani vows to stop operation in Balochistan, Dawn.com, Feb 28, 2008
Parliament urged to stop operation in Balochistan, dawn.com, Mar 20, 2008
photo: www.elachee.org
Baluchitherium: The Beast of Balochistan: World's largest mammal that ever walked the face of the earth used to live in Pakistan's Balochistan province.
Demand for treatment of Akhtar Mengal abroad, dawn.com, Mar 17, 2008
Blast hits Islamabad restaurant, Al Jazeera, Mar 15, 2008
US report takes up issue of the missing, by Anwar Iqbal, dawn.com, Mar 13, 2008: the State Department concluded: “Politically motivated disappearances occurred during the year. Police and security forces held prisoners incommunicado and refused to provide information on their whereabouts.” The official US document acknowledged that while some disappearances were associated with terrorism and national security cases, “many missing individuals were Sindhi and Baloch nationalists.”; full report here
The new 'Baloch National Front', by Archen Baloch, intellibriefs.com, Mar 12, 2008
Conditional bail for man accused of inciting terror abroad, Press Association, Mar 7, 2008: Hyrbyair Marri granted conditional bail, Faiz Baluch will remain in custody.
Two journalists kidnapped in Balochistan, a third missing since November, balochwarna.org, Mar 7, 2008
Six independent MPAs declare support for PPP, Dawn.com, Mar 5, 2008: Sardar Bizenjo: “Our support is unconditional and we believe that the PPP will fulfil the promises it has made about the recovery of the missing people, release of political leaders and ending military operation in the province"
Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani: “Our aim is to bring about a change and serve the people of this province who have been badly neglected in the past..."
Islamabad, L to R: Independent MPA Irfan Karim from Kalat joins PPP, with PPP Co-Chairman, Asif Ali Zardari and President PPP Balochistan, Nawab Lashkari Raisani, Feb 28, 2008
3rd journalist from same newspaper ‘disappears', DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 4, 2008
Six Balochistan independents refuse to join any party, DailyTimes.com.pk, Mar 4, 2008
Boycott in Balochistan, by Sanaullah Baloch, thenews.jang.com.pk, Mar 1, 2008
Baloch leaders unimpressed by PPP apology, by Latif Baloch, dawn.com, Feb 27, 2008
Zardari, Nawaz agree to form coalition, Dawn.com, Feb 22, 2008
McCain's Holiday from History in Pakistan; Will any Old Military Dictator Do?; Lies about Obama, JuanCole.com, see Feb 20, 2008 blog entry
Don't sack Musharraf, US and UK warn election victors, The Independent, Feb 21, 2008
Pakistan celebrates final end to military rule, Times Online, Feb 19, 2008; Pakistanis Deal Severe Defeat to Musharraf in Election, by Carlotta Gall and Jane Perlez, Feb 19, 2008
Hearts and Minds on the Durand Line, balochwarna.org, Feb 18, 2008
Killing "Bubba" from the skies, by Mark Benjamin, Salon.com, Feb 15, 2008
Why The World Community Should Recognize an Independent Balochistan, by Khan Jan Baloch, Feb 14, 2008
Pakistan Kicked Me Out. Others Were Less Lucky., By Nicholas Schmidle, Washingtonpost.com, Feb 3, 2008: "The police came for me on a cold, rainy Tuesday night last month..." (reposted at intellibriefs.com)
Journalist's murder adds new dimensions to violence, Feb 13, 2008, Committee to Protect Journalists; SAJAForum; Journalist murdered in Balochistan, Reporters Without Borders, Feb 11, 2008: Reporters Without Borders today strongly condemned the murder of Chishti Mujahid
Journalist's murder adds new dimensions to violence, Feb 13, 2008, Committee to Protect Journalists; SAJAForum; Journalist murdered in Balochistan, Reporters Without Borders, Feb 11, 2008: Reporters Without Borders today strongly condemned the murder of Chishti Mujahid
In escalating violence: Pakistani military targets Baloch (also see 40 suspects arrested, Dawn, Feb 13, 2008; Air and ground attacks) and Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and Baloch Liberation Front target Pakistani military: (background: globalsecurity.org); see SATP.org assessment on Balochistan
Election Violence: Blasts rock Balochistan, Dawn.com, Feb 17, 2008 Explosions near poll offices of PPP, PML-Q, Dawn.com, Feb 15, 2008; Nine injured in blast outside election office, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 13, 2008; Five journalists have been wounded in a blast occurred in Khuzdar on Tuesday, The News, Feb 12, 2008; Baloch Liberation Front threatens polling stations, Feb 10, 2008
Journalist killed in Quetta, BLA claims responsibility, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 8, 2008; Two gas pipelines blown up, Dawn, Feb 8, 2008
He will, he won't. Zardari claims he's best for PM's job, by Anwar Iqbal, Dawn.com, Feb 6, 2008; From before: [Zardari] said he was not contesting the polls and would not become the prime minister if the PPP won.
Reports of Pakistani military using U.S.-supplied gunships to attack civilian populations in the province of Balochistan, gwank.org, Feb 5, 2008; BLA and BRA retaliate, dailytawar.com, Feb 5, 2008
Baloch want independent homeland: Bizenjo, by Shahid Husain, The News, Feb 4, 2008: ...This urge is a result of frustration...Even those who want reconciliation, are being treated badly by the establishment."
Asma seeks ‘a chance' for politicians, by M. Ziauddin, Dawn.com, Feb 3, 2008: London School of Economics: Asma Jahangir said "while things were going from bad to worse in her country there were chinks of light as well like the ongoing struggle of the lawyers and the civil society against military rule and in support of democracy.
She blamed the US and the West for the perpetuation of Musharraf's rule."
Marri Tribesmen: "The International Community should take notice of the Military Operations in Kohlu”, source: Daily Intekhab, Feb 3, 2008
Khair Baksh Marri's house raided in Quetta, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes.com.pk, Feb 1, 2008
Suspected militant killed, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn.com, Feb 1, 2008
Borderland bullets and the ballot, by Aurangzaib Khan, HimalSouthAsian.com, Jan, 2008: Pakistan's elections don't look set to change the situation on the ground in either the NWFP or Balochistan, where the security situation continues to deteriorate precipitously.
West 'embraces sham democracies', BBCNews.com, Jan 31, 2008: The US, EU and other democracies are accepting flawed and unfair elections out of political expediency, Human Rights Watch says in its annual report.
Protesters stage noisy demonstration: President Musharraf holds talks with Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London, Gulf-times.com, Jan 29, 2008
The sooner Musharraf leaves Pakistan, the better, by S. Amjad Hussain, ToledoBlade.com, Jan 28, 2008
Anti-poll campaign by nationalists gains momentum in Balochistan, by Muhammad Ejaz Khan, The News, Jan 26, 2008; Polls boycott in Balochistan, by Sanaullah Baloch, Dawn.com, Jan 17, 2008
Blasts affect power supply to Hub, Barkhan, Dawn.com, Jan 26, 2008
Many cyclone victims still struggling seven months on, IRINnews.org, Jan 25, 2008
Nisar hits out at Indian navy chief, Dawn.com, Jan 25, 2008
Dr. Arif Barakzai, a member of the BSO and a lecturer at Uppsala University in Sweden, died after 'falling' 11 floors from the balcony of his apartment on Jan 10, 2008.
Dr. Barakzai ran a website devoted to Baloch culture: http://bizmkaar.com. It is unknown what if anything Norwegian authorities have determined about the circumstances of Dr. Barkazai's death.
Pakistan Is Turning on Musharraf, by Husain Haqqani, Wall Street Journal, Jan 25, 2008, reposted at IntelliBriefs.com
World’s first oil paintings found in Afghan caves, Dawn.com, Jan 25, 2008
Pakistani army Patrol team attacked in Oil rich area of Bambor, Balochwarna.org, Jan 24, 2008
Gwadar port has strategic implications for India: Navy chief, IntelliBriefs.org, Jan 22, 2008
Musharraf on Balochistan: QUOTABLE QUOTES, A report from the new Middle East—and a glimpse of its possible future by Jeffrey Goldberg, excerpts from Atlantic Monthly, IntelliBriefs.org, Jan 19, 2008
Stance of the nationalists, by Jamil Ahmed, BalochUnity.org, Jan 19, 2008
Shaker Bibi Baloch: Baloch Women Panel demands for Referendum in Balochistan, IintelliBriefs.com, Jan 20, 2008
Frontier Insurgency Spills Into a Pakistani City, by Jane Perlez, NYTimes.com, Jan 18, 2008
Canada puts US on 'torture list', BBC News, Jan 18, 2008: The United States has been listed as a country where prisoners are at risk of torture in a training document produced by the Canadian foreign ministry...The manual - part of a training course on torture awareness for diplomats - also includes Israel, China, Iran and Afghanistan on its watch list.
Security plan for oil exploration companies, by Sher Baz Khan, dawn.com, Jan 17, 2008
Pakistan short of everything except crises, by SSyed Fazl-e-Haider, atimes.com, Jan 17, 2008
'Queen of Balochistan' passes away, Intellibriefs.com, Jan 12, 2008; Queen of Baluchistan, ThingsAsian, Jan 21, 2007; 'Queen of Baluchistan' waits for war, Daily Telegraph, Jun 10, 2001; From Pakistan, County Kerry Is a Lifetime Away, NYTimes, Aug 17, 1992; Irish eyes are still smiling in Baluchistan, Independent, Nov 2, 1995
Fatima Bhutto Denounces Family Business, by Jeremy Page, The Times, Jan 12, 2008: 'the 25-year-old newspaper columnist also rejected her own claim to the Bhutto legacy, calling for a new era of politics based on platforms rather than personalities. “The idea that it has to be a Bhutto, I think, is a dangerous one. It doesn't benefit Pakistan. It doesn't benefit a party that's supposed to be run on democratic lines and it doesn't benefit us as citizens if we think only about personalities and not about platforms.”
Police targeted in deadly Pakistan suicide bomb, by Declan Walsh, The Guardian, Jan 10, 2008
Balochistan faces acute flour shortage, by Malik Siraj Akbar, DailyTimes, Jan 7, 2008
My heart bleeds for Pakistan. It deserves better than this grotesque feudal charade, by Tariq Ali, The Independent, Dec 31, 2007:
'...At the heart of this dysfunctionality is the domination by the army...Here the US bears direct responsibility, since it has always regarded the military as the only institution it can do business with and, unfortunately, still does so. This is the rock that has focused choppy waters into a headlong torrent. '
Pakistan's flawed and feudal princess, by William Dalrymple, The Guardian, Dec 30, 2007
Robert Fisk: They don't blame al-Qa'ida. They blame Musharraf, by Robert Fisk, The Independent, Dec 29, 2007:
"...Over all this, however, looms the shocking power of Pakistan's ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence. This vast institution – corrupt, venal and brutal – works for Musharraf. But it also worked – and still works – for the Taliban. It also works for the Americans. In fact, it works for everybody." [quoting from: Daughter of the West, by Tariq Ali, London Review of Books, Dec 13, 2007]
David A. Andelman On Washington And The World, Forbes.com, Sneak Peak 2008: 2008 will inaugurate the year of the micro-state, with an increasing number of small, homogeneous entities campaigning for and winning independence or a path toward autonomy. From Kurdistan to Baluchistan, this will be the future of a substantial portion of the globe.
Benazir Bhutto Assassinated, Who Killed Benazir? The Times: "...fingers will also be pointed at Inter-Services Intelligence", Dec 27, 2007
U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan, by William M. Arkin, Washington Post, Dec 27, 2007
U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan, by William M. Arkin, Washington Post, Dec 27, 2007
Pak's Baloch war taking alarming proportions, by Sameer Arshad, Times of India, Dec 27, 2007
Doubts Engulf an American Aid Plan for Pakistan, by Jane Perlez, NY Times, Dec 25, 2007; Billions in Aid to Pakistan Was Wasted, Officials Assert, by David Rohde, Carlotta Gall, Eric Schmitt, David E. Sanger, NY Times, Dec 24, 2007

Selig Harrison
From before: America's Favorite Dictator: Pakistani Gen. Pervez Msharraf's power was made in the United States, by Selig Harrison, TheDay.com, Nov. 18, 2007
"The catastrophe now engulfing Pakistan was made in America. It is the direct and inevitable result of the huge infusions of U.S. military hardware and cash subsidies for the past half-century that have built up Pakistan's armed forces into a bloated behemoth with both overwhelming firepower and financial might beyond the reach of civilian control." (from 'America's Favorite Dictator')
Meddling Aggressively in Iran, by Selig Harrison, The Indypendent, Nov 16, 2007 Intl ed.
The US meddles aggressively in Iran, by Selig Harrison, Le Monde Diplomatique, Oct 9, 2007
Also by Selig Harrison: In Afghanistan's Shadow: Baluch Nationalism and Soviet Temptations, Carnegie Endowment, 1981

click for other articles by Selig Harrison
Pair face terror charges next hearing on February 1, Press Association, Dec 22, 2007
Two FC men killed in Nushki, and other attacks, Dawn, Dec 21, 2007
Musharraf red-faced as suspect flees, Bruce Loudon, The Australian, Dec 17, 2007
Benazir vows to stop Balochistan operation, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn, Dec 21, 2007: Bhutto has said that the situation in Balochistan has deteriorated because of use of force, instead of efforts to resolve the issue through negotiations, thereby forcing the youth to take up arms.
Picture of Secret Detentions Emerges in Pakistan, by Carlotta Gall, NY Times, Dec 19, 2007
‘Rashid Rauf escaped with his uncle', Dawn, Dec 17, 2007
London airline bomb plot suspect escapes, Daily Telegraph, Dec. 17, 2007; Terror Suspect Escapes In Pakistan, CBS News, Dec 14, 2007
A lot needs to be done: Benazir Bhutto, Dawn, Dec 15, 2007
Popular uprising only way to save Pakistan: Achakzai, Daily Times, Dec 15, 2007
Pakistan's Middle Class Takes to Streets, by Kathy Gannon, Washington Post, Dec 14, 2007: "...protesters feel betrayed that the West, which should be its natural ally, has not stood with them in their demand for rule of law in Pakistan through a restored, independent judiciary prior to the elections."
Suicide blasts rock Quetta; seven killed, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn, Dec 13, 2007
Suicide bombs rock Pakistani city, BBC, Dec 13, 2007
Baloch Children protesting against arrest of Nawabzada Hayrbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch, IntelliBriefs, Dec 12, 2007
Baloch DSP Gwadar Lasi killed in grenade attack, by Shahzada Zulfiqar, The Nation, Dec 13, 2007
Pair remanded over terror charges, BBC, Dec 11, 2007
2 London residents accused of inciting terrorism in Pakistan are held in the UK, by IHT (AP), Dec 11, 2007
2 British police charge 2 under terror act, by IHT (AP), Dec 11, 2007
European Parliament protests arrest of Baloch nationalists, by IANS, Intellibriefs, Dec 9, 2007
21 ‘members' of banned group arrested, by By Saleem Shahid, Dawn, Dec 10, 2007
New military offensive launched in Kahan (Kohlu) and Dera Bugti Districts of Baluchistan, by Mehran Baluch, Baluch representative in the UN Human Rights Council, Dec 8, 2007: "...The Western-backed Pakistani army is carpet bombing the area and scores of Baluch have been killed by indiscriminate bombardment and air strikes using gunship helicopters and fighter jets. The army is operating under shoot-to-kill orders from Islamabad, resulting in hundreds of people fleeing to the mountains..." (for Word doc)
Deported At Gunpoint by Pakistani Government, by Medea Benjamin, Common Dreams, Dec 7, 2007
UK accused of 'prisoner swap' with Pakistan, by Isambard Wilkinson, Daily Telegraph, Dec 7, 2007: "...In what one senior Western diplomat in Islamabad described as an act of "realpolitik" the organisation [the BLA] was added to the British government's proscribed list of terrorist organisations in July 2006...It will be difficult to extradite Baloch nationalists as Pakistan regularly imposes the death penalty.”
More time to quiz terror-arrest men, Evening News, UK, Dec 7, 2007: Mr Tatchell, said: "I urge the British government to not give in to pressure from the Pakistani dictator, President Musharraf."
More time to quiz human rights campaigners, Press Association, Dec 7, 2007
Two ‘Baloch activists' arrested in Britain, Dawn, Dec 7, 2007
Arrest of Baluch human rights activists in London: Pakistan bid to frame nationalists on terrorism charges?, petertatchell.net, Dec 5, 2007
Two Baloch rights activists arrested in London, TopNews India, Dec 6, 2007
Mengal criticises Benazir, Dawn, Dec 5, 2007
"... The veteran Baloch leader said in a statement that Benazir Bhutto should seek the Baloch forgiveness for the crimes committed against them by her father Z. A. Bhutto in the 70s. He said that the Baloch were fighting for their national survival and would continue their struggle till the achievement of political autonomy..."
Fatal blast at Pakistan madrassa, BBC News, Dec 3, 2007
Pakistan's Moment of Truth: Sharif and Bhutto Must Say No the January Elections, by Webster Brooks, www.usiranpeace.com, Dec 3, 2007
Bush handed blueprint to seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, The Guardian, Dec 1, 2007
Journalist goes missing in Khuzdar, DailyTimes, Dec 1, 2007
Pakistan Steel Mills to buy 60,000 tons of coal from Balochistan, BalochWarna.org, Dec 1, 2007
"...Nowhere in the statement is anything mentioned about this sale benefiting the people of Balochistan."
Attacks on occupying forces continue in Balochistan, Dec 2, 2007 Eight Pakistani soldiers killed and five injured by Baloch fighters of BLF in Panjgoor, BalochWarna.org, Nov. 28, 2007; for news of continuing BLA and BLF attacks
The situation in Pakistan has spun out of Musharraf's control, by Vikram Sood, reposted in IntelliBriefs, Nov 19, 2007
Baloch Freedom Fighters, Pakistani troops trade fire near Pat Feeder, BalochWarna, Nov 18, 2007
Policemen and militants killed in fierce clash: Raid on hideout in Karachi's Shah Latif Town, by S. Raza Hassan, Imran Ayub & Azfar-ul-Ashfaque, Dawn, Jan 30, 2008: alleged Jundullah involvement; US, ISI policy blowback? Who supports Jundulla? The US, the ISI or al Qaeda?
The US meddles aggressively in Iran, by Selig Harrison, Le Monde Diplomatique, Oct 9, 2007
Canadian firm plans investment in oil, gas, Dawn, Nov 18, 2007
PAKISTAN: Where have all the general's cheerleaders gone?, IntelliBriefs, Nov 13, 2007
On Baluchi Separatism, Excerpt, IntelliBriefs, Nov 12, 2007
Protests worldwide: The Honourable Leung Kwok-hung, aka Long Hair, member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, presents a petition to a Pakistani Embassy spokesman in Hong Kong protesting emergency rule in Pakistan.
State of Emergency: New
Musharraf widens his sphere of punishment
, by Barnett R. Rubin, The Guardian, Nov. 18, 2007
Memo to Media: Supporting Musharraf is NOT Realism, by Barnett R. Rubin, Juan Cole's Informed Comment, Nov. 7, 2007

A Second Coup in Pakistan
, by Ahmed Rashid, Washington Post, Nov. 5, 2007;

Imran Khan vows to stir youth of Pakistan into mass uprising, London Times, Nov. 7, 2007;

Musharraf tightens grip on power in Pakistan, Daily Telegraph, Nov. 4, 2007;

Activists detained in Pakistan emergency, Dawn, Nov 4, 2007;

WSI condemns the declaration of emergency in Pakistan, World Sindhi Org, Nov 3, 2007;

Musharraf's Fate in Bin Laden's Hands--International Terrorism Monitor, by B. Raman, SAAG, Nov 4, 2007;
West Balochistan: Man hanged in volatile Iran province, BalochWarna, Nov 11, 2007
Viewpoints: Pakistan's political crisis, BBC News, Nov 12, 2007
Pakistan Air Force pounded several villages in Marri Bugti areas, many civilian feared dead, BalochWarna, Nov 8, 2007
Lawyers continue boycott of courts, Dawn, Nov 8, 2007
Hindu judge in solitary confinement on Diwali in Pakistan, NewKerala, Nov 10, 2007
Pakistan Air Force pounded several villages in Marri Bugti areas, many civilians feared dead, BalochWarna, Nov 8, 2007
Arrests in Sistan-Baluchestan, Dawn, Nov 2, 2007
PPP to talk with Baloch nationalist parties: Raeesani, Staff Report, DailyTimes, Nov 2, 2007
Multiple conflicts bleed Pak army, IntelliBriefs, Nov 1, 2007
Are Pakistani Generals really Mad or do they merely Feign Insanity?, IntelliBriefs, Oct 30, 2007
Multiple conflicts bleed Pak army, IntelliBriefs, Oct 31, 2007
Pakistani Attitudes toward Terrorism and the West: Recent Public Opinion Surveys (popular sentiment in Pakistan is turning markedly against the United States and its policies), IntelliBriefs, Oct 26, 2007
$60bn income likely from mega projects, by Khaleeq Kiani, Dawn, Oct 27, 2007
Pakistani military attacks in Noshkay/Nushki, Oct 23 - 25, 2007
Pakistan agents ‘staged escape' of terror suspect, Sunday Times, Dec 23, 2007
Dec 25, 2007: Sources report Herbiyar Marri and Faiz Baluch held in Belmarsh (Belmarsh - Britain's Guantanamo Bay?); click for previous coverage of arrest
BHC issues notices in Munir Mengal detention case, by BalochWarna, Sep 29, 2007; Detention of Munir Mengal challenged, by Amanullah Kasi, Dawn, Sep 15, 2007; Munir Mengal in CID custody, DailyTimes, Sep 15, 2007
Jamil Bugti's name on ECL, Dawn, Oct 10, 2007
Powerful blast rocks Kalat, BalochWarna.org, Oct 9, 2007
Pakistan election: A charade masquerading as democracy, The Independent, Oct 7, 2007
Musharraf bags all 33 votes cast in Balochistan, by Saleem Shahid, Dawn, Oct 7, 2007; Strike in Quetta, Dawn, Oct 7, 2007
Heavy fighting continues with Pakistani security forces in Marri area, BalochWarna.org, Oct 6, 2007; for more coverage on other attacks
Pakistan demands extradition of Marri's son from UK, By Naveed Siddiqui, Oct 1, 2007; BalochWarna comments; (previously: ...Pakistanis were having difficulty producing evidence which could stand up in a British court.
Swat a Paradise lost, by Khurshid Khan, Intellibriefs, Sep 28, 2007, SWAT: Girls Higher Secondary school destroyed
HC acquits Akhtar Mengal in treason case, DailyTimes.com.pk, Sep 26, 2007
Quetta police conduct raids following SP's killing, 100s arrested, BalochWarna.org, Sep. 28, 2007; Quetta: Superintendent of Police Shehryab Khan and two bodyguards assassinated two critically injured by BLA, BalochWarna.org, Sep 27, 2007
Sources report: Pakistani forces launch a military operation in Noshkay/Nushki, Sep 11, 2007
New photo published by BalochVoice.com of Balach Marri in the mountains of Balochistan. Balach Marri survived an attack by Pakistani special forces (SSG) on 26 August 2006, in which well-known Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed. See video interview with al-Jazeera. See his speech on the Role of Liberation Movements
Balochistan's lawyers to observe strike today, Dawn, Sep 10, 2007
Lawyers call for restoration of civilian rule, Dawn, Sep 7, 2007
Pakistan militants strike at heart of power, Times Online, Sep 4, 2007; more analysis at IntelliBriefs, click for video
Houses raided, 30 youths held, allege Marri women, by Dawn correspondent, Dawn, Aug 30, 2007
Facts about Balochistan: What The World Must Know, "What Balochistan Has" by Baltimore IndyMedia, Aug 2007
Balochistan shut to protest Bugti's killing, by Muhammad Ejaz Khan, The Post, Aug 26 2007
India-Pakistan: The Slide Show, Hindustan Times, Aug 20, 2007
Large scale operation in Sui and Patfeedar area, 60 innocent people arrested, by BalochWarna.org, Aug 17, 2007
Quetta rally marks ‘black day' on Aug 14, DailyTimes, Aug 15, 2007
BBC News audio, in Urdu: BLA/SLA (Sindh Liberation Army) joint operation: High tension 500KV power pylon blown up near Mango peer near Karachi, reported by BLA spokesman to Quetta press club, Aug 15, 2007, see balochvoice.org for this and other audio reports
Blast damages family planning office in Kalat, By Staff Correspondent, Dawn.com, Apr. 24, 2007
Army Informer Beheaded in Balochistan, and other military actions, BalochVoice.org, Apr. 24, 2007
Pakistan: Trouble in the mosque, By Syed Saleem Shahzad, atimes.com, Apr. 12, 2007
Fighter's jets, Helicopters and thousands of infantry bombard Balochistan, Fourteen Pakistani soldiers killed several injured in Balochistan, BLA claimed the responsibility for the attack, BalochWarna.org, Apr. 10, 2007
Ongoing coverage at balochwarna.org: Baloch Freedom Fighters attack army posts killing several, and blasts in different parts of Balochistan, Eighteen Baloch women and children killed, 28 Punjabi army soldiers killed 37 injured, March-April, 2007
Jihadi groups blamed for disappearances, By Inamullah Khattak, Dawn, Mar. 28, 2007
Land prices soar at Pakistan's prize port, By Syed Fazl-e-Haider, atimes.com, Mar. 29, 2007
BNP-M plans Baloch Multi-party conference, by Dawn correspondent, dawn.com, Mar. 16, 2007
Resources ownership rights for Balochistan demanded, BalochWarna.org, Mar. 5, 2007
The trial of former Baloch Chief Minister Sardar Akhtar Mengal signals another conflict between Balochistan and the centre, report, BalochWarna.org, Feb. 28, 2007
Plan in the offing to tap gas reserves, by Internews, GulfTimes.com, Feb. 27, 2007
Govt has lost its writ in Balochistan, says NP leader, Bureau Report, Dawn.com, Feb. 25, 2007
Statement by the Khan of Kalat, from Europe (in Urdu), January, 2007
Speakers call for end to military operation in Balochistan, by Staff Reporter, Dawn, Jan. 28, 2007
SC cancels Gwadar plot allotments, seeks report: Provincial govt left with ‘only ditches’: Justice Javed Iqbal, by Mohammad Kamrant, Daily Times, Jan. 23, 2007
In no-go areas for intl. media: Pakistan launched military operation in Balochistan, Baloch Society Of North America, Jan. 19, 2007
Demonstrations against Mengal's detention, Staff report, Daily Times, Jan. 21, 2007; BHC moved against ‘mysterious disappearance' of 14 BNP men, Staff report; Daily Times, Jan. 17, 2007
Baluchistan and Kashmir offer study in contrasts, by M Rama Rao, Asian Tribune, Jan. 17, 2007
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Mengal sees US, India-sponsored war for free Balochistan, by Malik Siraj Akbar, Daily Times, Dec. 22, 2006
Pakistan: New York Times reporter and photographer harassed and detained, CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists), Dec. 22, 2006
UN help sought to save IDPs from starvation by Baqir Sajjad Syed, Dawn, Dec. 22, 2006
Aid to besieged Pakistani province blocked by Gretchen Peters, The Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 21, 2006
Pakistani city serves as a refuge for the Taliban by Laura King, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 21, 2006
Simmering nationalism in Balochistan by Rasul Bakhsh Rais, Daily Times, Dec. 19, 2006
Pakistan: A country unravels, Ahmed Rashid, International Herald Tribune, Aug. 28, 2006
Pakistan: A country unravels, Ahmed Rashid, International Herald Tribune, Aug. 28, 2006
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158 people killed in Balochistan since January 1, by Zulfiqar Ghuman, DailyTimes.com.pk, Apr 20, 2006
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