Update on the detention of Waheed Kambarani and Sherdil Khan

September 9, 2007

Torture of kidnapped Baloch:

In early June 2007 Waheed Kambarani and Sherdil Khan were kidnapped from a restaurant in Khuzdar, Balochistan, by Pakistani agencies. For a month their whereabouts were unknown to their families. Now they have surfaced in Khuzdar detention center. Relatives of Waheed and Sherdil have met with them in Khuzdar's prison. They have told family members that they are being tortured without cause. During torture they are being asked to reveal names of those Baloch who are active in the resistance against the Pakistani occupation. Sherdil and Waheed require medical attention and are now diagnosed with acute kidney problems. The source adds: "This is an appeal to all human rights organizations: Help save thousands of Balochs who have been detained by Pakistani and Iranian governments."

Additional note:
Sources confirm that Munir Mengal is also held in this location.

Monday, August 06, 2007
Munir Mengal resurfaces on RCD Highway QUETTA: Munir Ahmed Mengal, Managing Director of a proposed Balochi TV channel, resurfaced on the RCD Highway near Kalat on Sunday, where he was immediately arrested by local police. Mengal was detained by the government under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO) and has been shifted to Khuzdar Jail. “Presumably, the police got the prior information that Munir Mengal is being dumped in Kalat. They placed him under formal arrest and detained him under the MPO in the Khuzdar District Prison,” said a local journalist. Mengal’s family members, however, are still unaware of his location. “We received a phone call from officials saying Mengal would be ‘available’ at Khuzdar police station,” said one of Mengal’s relatives, requesting anonymity. “But the police station authorities said they had handed him over to the authorities in Khuzdar Cantonment.” Malik Siraj Akbar