From World Sindhi Institute: Press Release
Washington, DC

November 22, 2007

Washington, DC : World Sindhi Institute (WSI) is deeply shocked and
saddened by recent news of extra-judicial killing of Balach Marri at
the hands of occupied Pakistani forces in Kohlu, Balochistan . WSI
strongly condemns this heinous act of State terrorism and urges the
world media to expose the ongoing military operation in Balochistan ,
the targeted killings of Baloch leaders and disappearances of Baloch
and Sindhi activists by state intelligence agencies.

Maqbool Aliani, board member of WSI and BSO-NA, said that numerous
others will take up Balach's flag and the struggle for peaceful, just
and free Balochistan will continue. He further reiterated the fact
that Pakistan is a failed state and the only solution is to re-draw
its boundaries. " Pakistan is a terrorist state that harbors Al-Qaeda
and Talibans and as such the world should impose strict sanctions and
strip Pakistan of its nuclear weapons", Maqbool said. He went on to
say that US should immediately stop all aid to Pakistan , declare ISI
as a terrorist outfit and work towards dismantling Pakistan military.

Through nonviolent means, The World Sindhi Institute works
relentlessly for universal human rights and humanitarian law for the
Sindhis of Sindh.

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World Sindhi Institute at:
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