Another Baloch has been kidnapped.

Sherdil Khan, the grandson of late Prince Abdul Karim Khan Baloch, has been kidnapped by Pakistani secret agencies from Khuzdar in early June 2007 (exact date is not confirmed). Sherdil Khan traveled to Khuzdar from Kalat for a family matter and while there, in Khuzdar, he was kidnapped from a restaurant. He is an innocent man and runs a Cattle Farm in Kalat. His location is unknown to everybody, including his family, and there are reports circulating in Kalat that he has been severely tortured by secret agencies to extract false information from him.

No one knows why he has been kidnapped. He is a close relative of Khan Suleman Daoud Khan, the Khan of Kalat. Is that why he has been arrested? Or simply because he is Baloch? His relatives fear that he might be killed in custody because many Balochs who have been arrested previously by Pakistani secret agencies have not returned to their homes.

An appeal has been made to all human rights organizations to save the lives of all missing Baloch people--presently there are up to six thousand Balochs who are being detained by Pakistani agencies in eastern Balochistan.

Date 18-June-2007.