Urgent appeal

An urgent appeal is made to the Amnesty International , human rights watch and all other human rights organizations, world media and civilized world to express their concern over the arrest of Baloch nationalist leader Harbiyar Marri by London police on December 4, 2007 under unknown charges. This is believed that action has been taken to please the Pakistan military dictator Pervez Mushraf, and Pakistan army, which is carrying out military operation against the Baloch nationalist in Baluchistan for last two years. As a result of this operation Pakistan Army had killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, former Chief Minister, governor of Baluchistan, and leader of Pakistan Jahmoori Party last year. Dozens other Baloch nationalists have been killed in the army operation and thousands are disappeared. Pakistan army has recently killed Nawb Balach Marri, Brother of Harbiyar Marri, and now Pakistan government is using British government to persecute the Baloch activists who demand their legitimate political and economic rights that successive Pakistani regimes have denied them. Policies of Pakistan government are turning Baluchis into minorities since non-balochis are widely control resources, majority of jobs including key jobs and political power.

Baluchistan, being a richest in resources, largest in territory but smallest numerically, is the poorest province in of Pakistan . As a result of this policy Baloch people are largely feel politically alienated, and economically marginalized, and demand to end this policy of marginalizing the Balochis. Harbiyar Marri and other Baloch nationalists are the leading voices of Baloch people but Pakistan ISI appears to be determined to silence these voices through gun and other means.

The arrest Harbiyar Marri by the British authorities and possible extradition to Pakistan can put his life at seriously risk, and British government collaboration with such government which has widely been involved in abusing the human rights and persecuting political opponents is tantamount to undermine the very charter of human rights. As track record of Pakistan government show that how brutally they killed many Baloch leaders recently. British government under the universal charter of human rights is obliged to ensure that right to life, which is the central to all other rights, will not be violated and person will receive free trial and justice in that country before taking any decision.

Mr.Harbiyar Marri is political and human rights activist who is not involved in any kind of violence but only demanding his right to live with dignity and freedom in his homeland. Any act of British government to collaborate with Pakistan government will be serious violation of UN human rights charter since Pakistan 's poor human rights record and political persecution of especially Baloch leaders have been reported by all credible human rights organizations and world media.

As it is obvious that Mr.Harbiyar Marri was facing possible persecution in Pakistan and he left the country because government of Pakistan is involved in killing his family and other Baloch leaders. British government action to arrest the Harbiyar Marri in spite of knowing about Pakistan government's poor record on human rights and where justice is impossible, since judges and chief Justice are not only fired when they had tried to make decision on merit but also under illegal detention.

We demand release of the Harbiyar Marri immediately and stop curbing and curtailing the fundamental rights of vulnerable Mr.Marri.

Please contact the British government to register your protest, express your concerns about the possible threat to the life of Harbiyar Marri and demand his immediate release.

Mumtaz Khan
Executive Director
International center for Peace and Democracy
Vice Chairman
International Kahsmir Alliance-IKA
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